tenagers life

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how us teenagers suffer everyday to survive

Submitted: November 17, 2011

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Submitted: November 17, 2011



Life as a teenager


People think our life’s as teenagers is easy and it’s just a phrase were silly stuff happens and finish like nothing happens, well no they are thinking wrong, important decisions are made in our life’s at that phrase our life has a lot of pressure and sometimes you just get lost in life and don’t know what to do. Some people just shout at their child or comment about what they do in their life and school, well ask them what is wrong and why did you do it you might understand your child’s situation because you have no idea what we are trying to do at school it’s like a battle field if you stay back or missed something then you are going down, we have to defend ourselves everyday from every way. Why do you think there is bullies at schools well it’s not only to embarrass or bit up some kids well no they do that because they have an angry soul a soul that is being tortured by people before so they got a way to free their soul, but they are never satisfied because there soul will always be angry if they don’t make their life better but they can’t do that without help of their most important people in there life’s there parents so please people understand us, understand that we are going through rough days, every day we are trying to survive. You adults I bet you did something wrong in your teen phase, don’t you ever wish you can go back in time and change that, well don’t make it happen with your children encourage them and make them feel like they have nothing to be afraid of make them feel like they belong here make them feel like happy teenagers so please understand what we are trying to do and give us a shot it might work. Life is like a water in the river it goes slowly and smoothly don’t know where to go because the wind is taking them to beyond but at the end they always fall in the right place well that is our life’s but if you adults come and ruin it with your life problems and pressure and put it on your child then it’s like a hurricane came and the waters starts to fly everywhere and goes into a dark place which has no future so give us a chance and see, don’t go and say what is this talking, it’s just some teenager talk well guess what we are the ones who are going through life’s  hardiness right know so all we need is some encouragement and understanding in our life and you will see your child will grow with no regrets with his past knowing that he took the right path so listen to me and see what is going to happen I am writing this because it’s not what I watch on TV no it’s what happens to me at school so I am the talking voice of who can’t talk, listen to me teenagers lets all reunite together and defend our rights in life and show them what we suffer every day.

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