Safe & Sound

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This an essay about high Health insurance bills comment !!

Submitted: February 23, 2012

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Submitted: February 23, 2012



Elizabeth Jolly

Mrs. James

Literature 7

27 February 2012

Safe And Sound

Imagine your mom is in the hospital and she has a 50/50 chance of living. The only way for her

Survive is for her to get an operation that her health insurance doesn’t cover. If she does survive

she has to get a prescription that yet again her insurance does not cover. So now, you are faced

with a choice, let her live and pay bills that you don’t have the money for, or let her die. A mom ,

a daughter, a sister, and most of all a close friend . So what do you choose? Just stop and think on it a minute.

So, you know you`d think Health Insurance would be a huge topic around the country, its

not! Health Insurance is just so expensive that most people can`t afford it and now they have to

go without it. It feels as if they are just teasing us, and that’s what makes me so furious.

Why do people have to pay for something that should benefit them or save their life? You know what the answer is? It`s… Greed, you know that question was easy bit here’s a more difficult question for you, why let people die and suffer from it?

Quick fact: did you know that selfishness causes people to want things that they can’t have or need? So now think about how things are today with the Flu, the Influenza,HIV & AIDS? Imagine facing all that with no help from Health Insurance. You’d die, & eventually the government is going to end health insurance all together. My mom doesn`t have health insurance because she already pays 350 dollars a month for my father’s Health Insurance. My friends have told me that their parents pay up to 800 dollars a month for one person`s  Health Insurance a month. You know what? All this needs to change.

You know how this can be changed? It can be changed by letting people pay as much as they can afford each month. Let people live knowing they have their flue shits and H1N1 shots. If this was how the Health Insurance was ran everyone would be in a happier place. If this was the way this was ran the government would not in such a bad place like it is.

Now, imagine your mom just got out of the hospital and she has all the medication she needs to survive. She only has pay 100 dollars per month for her Health Insurance. Her family can breathe easily without worrying about health bills. So now you know how changing Health Insurance can Help people be Safe & Sound.

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