i except me for me why want you >?

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this is a little thing to talk about whats going on with the guy i like or felt i loved

Submitted: March 05, 2012

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Submitted: March 05, 2012



now I stand alone not a single tear in my eye, your just not worth that tear
I'm dying every time you go and ignore me like im a nobody, like you never cared you treat me like a total stranger
when im near you I feel like I'm not worthy of you and you show just that

you make yourself like your someone more like everything

but then again you cant make me feel like im less because  I'm me
and I cant and wouldn't change that for anything in the world

 i know im not perfect but im the best i can be
if I cant make you love me for me then what do you like me for ? 

ill simply
just have to live with the fact that your gone and i cant stop you

in reality I wouldn't regret watching you walk away because what
I seem to have called love was just ...I don't know


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