Know thy love

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a story about a sweet love story..

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




Someday somewhere  there was a girl,

Like the glittering beams of a pearl.

As she grows up she learn’d  to love

But she turned down all the proposals

Sayingthat I will choose the best.

That’s why I must ignore the rest.

One day when  she turned  twenty one

all her suitors were made concern

that she will accept only that boy

who will give her the gift joy.

All the boys brought the precious gifts they have

With a note saying “ for my love”.

But that girl sent back all the gifts

Saying that those gifts had rifts.

Then someone sent her a box

Which has a key without a lock.

There was note stuck into it

Telling that the key will only fit.

To unlock all those things she need

from her special one as the gift.

The key will unlock a true heart

Full of her pictures and all of her mirth.

That boy was called to meet.

He thought he had lost indeed.

He wrote a poem to say her good bye

For the last time though he knew it’s a lie

Then the very time came to meet.

That girl welcomed him, “Take your seat”.

She goes on telling him

What she wanted and it seemed

He has nothing to match with her.

His eyes filled with tears making her blur.

Suddenly the girl laughed and touched the tip of his nose,

“You are a stupid, yes of course …

You gifted me the joy and that’s the cause

I love you and will love you without a pause …..”  J


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