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Three best friends get sent out for an adventure that has it's ups and downs. In the end, everything works out for the best.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




Day 3

“Good Morning!” - yelled Cairisse. “Oh, be quiet for a change!”- replied Macey. “Wow”- I thought to myself. The sun was shining bright, and the birds were singing. The wind blew in my face and I wondered where my sweater went. I looked over and I saw Macey covering herself with it! I yelled “MACEY!!! Why did you steal my sweater, I’m FREEZING!!!” “I’m sorry Sam, I was cold.”- said Macey. I hate it when people take my stuff without asking. I stood up, reached over, grabbed my sweater, sat back down and looked for the matches. I want to make a fire so we can warm up. The matches were in my pocket so I put my hand in that pocket, and found nothing. I started freaking out, when Clarisse spotted something on the ground. She bend over and handed me the matches that fell out. 

I go looking for some dry tree bark to light that fire, when I spot a big pile of metal. I move forward very carefully. These are traps! I locate nine and scatter them around the area. After that I run as fast as I can to the girls to tell them the news. When I did they got surprised and I showed them exactly where the traps were. By that time I forgot all about that fire, and moved on to eating my granola bar.


Night 3

 Clarisse and I rush up the dirty slope. Macey hurries behind us. It is dark in the forest. We climb on a rock and look around. The stars are shining bright and the moon is full. The night is dark and the temperature is below zero. The light sweaters that we are wearing are not protecting us from the cold. The sound of wolves howling to the moon makes us worried. The sound is loud, which means that they are close. Macey turns around and looks at something very carefully. I ask her what she is looking at and she says that we have to find a shelter before the wolves come upon us. Macey moves slowly and carefully. Her mind is full of emotions. One of them is fear. If you wonder how I know this, well I can read minds. Clarisse is behind Macey. Suddenly they stop. 

Clarisse and Macey turn around to see if I am behind them. They see a strange look on my face which makes them ask me what is wrong, but I say nothing. They turn around and move forward. We look around to find a hole so we can sleep in it. Macey looks terrified. Clarisse looks calm. I am just hoping to find a hole before danger finds us. I see a hole but only one of us can fit in it. Nor Macey or Clarisse spot it. I jog around both of the girls and I jump into the hole. They look at me, walk past, and jump into two other holes right beside mine. We all settle in, and fall asleep.

If you ever wondered how we got to this place we call “adventure land”, then I will tell you. Macey, Clarisse, and I are best friends, and in the newspaper we saw an article asking for three teens willing to go on an adventure of their lives. “No purchase needed and no luggage. This adventure will last four days. Just come on Thursday and we will send you on an unforgettable adventure!” As best friends we decided to do it. Our parents thought that we would be gone for a couple of days, so they let us go. On Thursday we came to the address at 15:47, thirteen minutes before they said in the newspaper. We stood there for about 23 minutes and no one came. Then when we decided to leave, a minivan pulled up in front of us and a 30-45 year old man opened the door and with a wide smile on his face he asked for our names, as well as if we were the only people here. We answered yes and he invited us into the van. We didn’t know what was going on. It took us 4 and half hours to get to our “staycation destination.” They told us that they will pay us 1,200 dollars if we roam the open spaces of the so called place “Adventure land” for four days. When the week is over we meet them here at 2:00 pm. So now we are here and it is day 3 with no food, or water just 3 lighters, 7 matches, and instructions. The instructions tell us how to light a match but luckily our years of watching man vs wild, and camping together with our families came in handy! Well now we are here and we are sleeping in a hole off a border of a cliff.


Day 4

The morning came quickly. The sun rose up at about 8:23 am. It is now our fourth and final day here. All we could think of now is food, and getting out of here. To get food, we have the traps. It’s time to collect. We scatter throughout the small forest area that we have investigated. Seven traps out of nine have been located, but only four were successful. A squirrel, a wolf (caught in two traps), and snake. You are probably wondering, what kind of forest this is, but let me tell you something: I have no idea.

We gather all of the traps together, and start a fire. Some bark, dry sticks and a little part of the instructions. The fire burns quickly which means we need more sticks. Macey decides to run and get some very quickly. We wait for her. 1 minute passed. The fire was rapidly decreasing. 3 minutes passed. The 1:00 am sun burned my skin. 5 minutes passed. The fire was out, when Clarisse gasped, and in the nearby distance we saw Macey sprinting back. We got up on our feet, fearing for the worst, like a wolf or coyote but suddenly she stops. She gasps for breath, when the words “They're here.” blurts out of her mouth. “WHO?!”-yells Clarisse. “The man!”-Macey says while still struggling to breathe normally. “Well what are we waiting here for then? Let’s go!”-Clarisse shouts uneasily. We drop everything in our hands and follow Macey because she knows where to go. Yes. At last. The yellow-red van is standing there, waiting. Behind it, a tent. Strange. The man who picked us up on thursday is standing near the van. He looks worried as he looks around the forest ground. When we arrive we see a terrified look on his face. Macey asks him: “Hey, umm you ok?” “Oh, yeah. Sorry. Its just all of these times I’ve done these survival projects, no one meets me here. They either failed, or did not read the back of the instructions. “The back of the instructions?”- says Macey while ripping the instructions out of my hand. It clearly states ‘If a survivor fells uncomfortable, Jean Marc and other campers, can be reached at the most southern place of the forest. The trailer park.’

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