Standing side by Side

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A 23 year old lady in a grocery store meets a man she will never be able to forget. :) written for writer's craft course in school. "micro fiction" 350 words double spaced. :)

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011




Side By Side

“It must be tough fighting all those criminals. I never imagined how hard it is to be a cop!” I say as he takes a step toward the cashier. 

“Yea, but you get used to it. I mean I got the hang of things pretty quick. Probably in my first week.” he replies with a gentle and settle voice. 

Stunned that I’m standing right beside a very attractive police officer, I am speechless. I would guess he is twenty four. 

“I mean, it’s great what you do for the community. I like police, uh, law enforcement.”

If that wasn’t embarrassing I don’t know what is. 

“Thanks. That’s what really keeps me going, y’know? So what are you buying today?”

“Oh just some basics. Milk, cheese, eggs and flour. How about you?”

“A snack. It’s my break so I decided to grab a bag of chips. Care to join me afterward for a stroll in the park across the street? It’s gorgeous out. You would expect it to be hot today considering it’s the middle of July, but it is quite warm with a small breeze. Very comforting. The perfect summer’s day.”

“I’d love to. I love nature. There was this one time when me and my sister- Oh, I think the cashier is available. Better step ahead.”

He takes a step even closer to the cashier. As his item is being scanned I manage to catch a glimpse of his name tag. Emanuel. That is a very unique name. I never thought that I could be standing side by side with a strong, fearless, courageous, and handsome police officer named Emanuel. I never thought I could be standing beside any man, now that I think about it. I’m acting like such a child!

He turns to me and signals to move forward. He takes his bag of chips and steps aside to where the 24 water bottle packs are kept. He awaits patiently as the cashier rings up my items. 

I swipe my card with one swift move.

“Thank you for shopping with us, and come again.”

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