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Submitted: October 20, 2011

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Submitted: October 20, 2011



I thought you were the one, stop me feeling lonely,
Turns out you are My One And Only.
You make me smile a genuine smile,
For you I’d run a million miles.
Don’t you see my heart is yours?
Can’t you see I my soul is warm?
It’s all thanks to you, my perfect one,
Before you came, with love I was done.
I’d been hurt time and time again,
Looking back at memories that hurt both now and then.
But, I’d rather be hurt and know what it’s like,
And love you so completely, more than the night.
So, My One And Only, listen to my words,
I love you, sweet and simple, pure as dove birds.
My heart beats simply for you, and skips whenever I whisper your name,
In this life, my feelings, I’m so glad they came.
A best friendship between two good friends alike,
Understanding the misunderstood, like understanding true meaning of the night.
You, My One And Only, are the only one for me,
Am I the one for you, answer honestly.

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