Say It Again

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Just, one more time. :) P.S. This IS NOT meant to be a dark, sad or depressing poem. Sorry if it is.

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



Unexpected, unplanned yet unchangeable,
Being with you keeps me sane and stable.
Now you’re here, I can’t imagine life being changed,
You freed my heart from unbreakable chains.
How could I have lived without the one I love?
Never again, will I try and reach the place above.
My own nightmare is being erased, all thanks to you,
I wonder, how do you do what you do?
You change my heart beat and my soul isn’t completely black,
When you leave, I only want you back.
How can my heart beat when it never has before?
How can I know that I’ll be forever yours?
I know I will love you always, I can feel it in me,
Only you in this world, will I ever need.
You see beyond what others see,
You can look at the real me.
I hid from you, but you found me eventually,
What’s your real opinion on me?
How do you feel about my loving you?
Do you mind if I do?
Because I can feel myself calling your name,
This isn’t a childish game.
You say I’m yours, and you’re right,
But, Are You Really Mine?
I want to believe you,
And I swear I do.
I just never tire of hearing your voice,
Saying those words of your own choice.
Say It Again, just for me?
One more time, pretty, pretty please?

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