Welcome To My Broken Life

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Uhh...believe it or not, I tried to write a happy poem. It didn't work, so I started again and came out with this.

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



Constant pain,
Again and again,
Living in a cage,
Bound to earth by a chain.

Someone set me free,
Someone allow me to flee,
Someone please release me,
There’s a whole world I need to see.

These scars will stay with me,
Haunted by my memories,
My tears have formed a sea,
I’m drowning, please rescue me.

The shadows and darkness is my life,
This is how I survive,
Hope in me is not alive,
Welcome to your nightmare, Welcome To My Life.

Monsters live within my heart,
Their shadows cast an eerie dark,
I knew it from the very start,
My broken life is in shards.

I’ve given up,
On what you call love,
This is who I have become,
I’ve turned my own heart numb.

I’m a fighter because I had to be,
I am who I am, this is me.
The dark is more enticing,
Than the day could ever be.

I’m a creature of the night,
I hold no interest for the light,
This is how I survive,
Welcome To My Life.

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