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this is a short story about a romance that went wrong


as i gaze into your eyes from across the room all types of thoughts run through my head as i think about your nude body laying in my bed. with rose peddles all around you as i thank about your evening gown droping too the i softly kiss your neck as we move slowly over to my bed and we make love real the energy flows through our bodys as we make love....

as i kiss you softly on your lips and gently massage your body as we make love as your dress hits my bedroom floor,as my hands wonder all over your body as we make love all night long. like we did when we was in our teen years and just learning about love.

when your dress hit the floor.i through you down on my bed and my partner said "are you ready to get frisky baby?" she said "yes my love" so i through her on my bed and i said open up wide as i went down on her and started to eat her my cock and nuts was slaping her in the face she was sucking my cock as it went deep down in her throught and i was sucking on her warm juciey pussy. and playing with her clit with my tong untille she came all over my face and had a really big orgasum...

i geuss you can say when i saw her evening gown hit the floor i just went nuts

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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does anyone have any suggestions...

Tue, March 15th, 2016 3:26am

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