everywhere you look

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this is short story on greed

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



Everywhere you look

Everyone that you no or have ever met in your lifetime has or is or has lived one of the seven deadly sins. Greed is one of them; there are many forms of greed.

For example: Take my mom for instants.

 She is 67 years young and ever since my older sister who is now 42 year young was the age of 16 years young and was at the legal employment age my mother has taken all of her money to pay her bills leveeing  my sister nothing. She has a disabled daughter who is now 18 years young she is about to graduate high school. My mother takes her money to pay her bills and does not leave her anything at all.

Now that she is losing her monthly money she is having a fit because she will not have any money at all.


What is GREED?  

Greed is a person that wants money, food and everything for them self. And don’t thank about others needs or wants. They think everything belongs to them and they want to live well above there their means.



It is like people that have lots of food and go’s to food banks to get more they don’t think of other that might not have food to eat at all. So instead of saying they don’t need it they take it anyhow.

If that is not greed then I don’t know what is

That is what greed means to me. And I know it is a sin to be greedy I also know that god does frown upon that.


Everywhere you look there is greed.


That is the end for now more to come soon.

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