Letter to the Editor - July 2003

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With the vaccine schedule increasing, a liability-free pharmaceutical industry, and an industry-co-opted CDC, where is the concern for the children?

Submitted: April 09, 2016

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



Dear Sirs:

I am saddened and astounded at the indifference our Government shows our littlest citizens. The rate of children affected with Autism is on the rise. It is now at epidemic proportions - about 1 in 150 children now suffer from this disability (I do not include the "spectrum" disorders or the many other similar behavioral problems in this number). If the increase continues at the pace of the last few years, soon autistics will represent the majority of the population; their voices rage and cry because they cannot speak. They cannot vote, either.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) is supposed to be a resource for devastated parents; whose children disappeared into death, disease or dysfunction after receiving vaccines, ostensibly developed, to protect these children. Pediatricians, as a whole, show little concern in informing the parents of the true risk involved in vaccinating their babies and rarely take the time to assess the medical and immunological fitness of the baby to receive these shots. The shots are administered, many babies' personalities cease to exist, and some suddenly manifest severe reactions.

Enter the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. This program is rarely mentioned to the terrified parents arriving at the doctor's office or hospital with a shrieking, seizing child in their arms. In fact, the doctor is likely to diagnose an ear infection, prescribe an antibiotic (which magnifies the neurological and enteropathic damage caused by certain shots), and send the parents home with their now brain- and gut-damaged child. The parent will call, alarmed as more terrifying symptoms occur - severe diarrhea, bleeding diaper rash, rash on other parts of the body, disconnectedness, staring "spells," shrieking fits, squealing, and more; "That's ok, just don't stop the antibiotic." These parents never know what hit them - and the result is a severe and alarming underreporting of vaccine injuries. For both those whose cases were reported, and those whose were not, the damage is done. For many parents, they now have the pleasure of parenting children that they may never get to meet (autism is a severe cognitive and neuro-behavioral disorder with impairments in socialization, verbal and nonverbal communication, and restricted and repetitive patterns of behaviors). These children need Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Behavioral therapies in massive quantities, just to learn the basic life skills (bathing, dressing, self-feeding, etc.). Many of these children suffer from additional biomedical issues. Because they can no longer digest the food they eat, they suddenly need all manner of supplementation, digestive enzymes, and prescription amino acids. The good news is the ones who receive adequate and sustained early intervention (ages 0 - 5) will likely develop in a nearly typical manner. The bad news is that the cost to obtain and implement these programs, financially, physically and emotionally, is huge.

It's now time to dive into the Vaccine Injury Compensation Pool. This pool was established to "provide a no-fault alternative to the tort system for resolving vaccine injury claims." It was created "to ensure an adequate supply of vaccines, stabilize vaccine costs, and establish and maintain an accessible and efficient forum for individuals thought to be injured by childhood vaccines." I believe it is funded through a fee added to each vaccine. Certainly, this pool will fund the care this baby now requires? Not anytime soon.

VICP is not for those who are late bloomers. The statutes and limitations which determine which injuries are a result of vaccination are ridiculous. These "tables" allow only certain "reactions" which can occur only in a limited timeframe (e.g. the onset of Encephalopathy within 0 - 72 hours post-DTaP vaccine); for those children whose parents might not have understood what to look for, subtle signs may well not be documented. If it is 7 (instead of 3) days post-vaccine, when suddenly the baby is screaming non-stop for an entire day, this is something parents cannot miss - too late for the child, and for the family. Even if the reaction happened on day three, the family will certainly receive no quick remedy through VICP - a few lucky families have received compensation after several years of waiting and challenging legal wrangling.

The pharmaceutical companies have never tested the safety and efficacy of their vaccines or the ingredients they contain - the DTaP contains Diptheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, formaldehyde, thimerosal, aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, polysorbate 80, gelatin (it also delivers a load of endotoxin, and may also contain nanobacteria, fetal bovine serum, human fetal cells, gelatin, methiolate, monkey kidney cell, MSG, and phenol). Certainly, the pharmaceutical industry opted out of responsibility through VICP, why wouldn't they? But why would the Government choose to allow this industry to continue selling its clearly dangerous product? More importantly, why does the Government mandate administration of this product in lethal cocktails of multiple virus'? Hundreds of thousands of children and their families are suffering - more each day. There is little public funding available, and no hope of quick settlement through VICP.

These children are left defenseless to their environment. Their systems can no longer: remove toxins (ingested or environmental), appropriately fight virus' (injected or otherwise contracted), or digest their meals, and they have immune systems that are attacking their very brain matter and starving their muscle, and are manifesting severe food and environmental "allergies." Many of these children improve remarkably with biomedical intervention - heavy metal removal (chelation or detoxification), removal of all IgE, IgG, IgM, IgA reactive food and environmental "allergens," supplementation with metabolic amino acids to help mitochondrial dysfunction, administration of digestive enzymes, and supplementation with a broad spectrum of immune boosters and nutritional complexes. Add intense therapeutic intervention, and the gains take another quantum leap. The price tag for getting to see the person inside of that child's autistic shell - thousands of dollars each month (not covered by insurance), and an utter lack of attention to every other family matter and family member. This cost is far too high for many families to bear, leaving countless children to sink further into autism's abyss.

The epidemic number of Autsim cases is overwhelming evidence that the root cause needs to be discovered and addressed. So many children are, literally, falling silently by the wayside. How many more will be lost before our nation wakes up and demands a simpler, safer, saner vaccination schedule and mandates testing of each child for immune competency prior to administration of any vaccine? I am certain the cost of making the vaccination program safer is significantly less dear than the cost of Autism (lifetime care for an autistic person is estimated to range from $2M - $6M).

Many protest that this system is not at fault - that being the case, the nation should witness no change as a result of modifying the ludicrous vaccination schedule. After witnessing with my own eyes my daughter's descent into the abyss, I sincerely doubt it.

I write this on behalf of the millions of parents who awaken each morning to struggle through yet another overwhelming, embarrassing, defeating, maddening, saddening, and occasionally joyful day of autism. We sleep too little, but we love our children too much to care.

L Pa

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