How do i tell my best friend i Love him?

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This isnt a storyy i just need someplace to vent my feelings and someone can please help mee out!

Submitted: September 11, 2009

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Submitted: September 11, 2009



Okayy so i've know my best friend Bryce since last year in the 8th grade. we both really have no idea how we became friends. It just sorta happened. He was my friend Arianna's boyfriend and the first time we met was at the movies when we went to see obsessed withariana and my other friend madelyn. after that i snuck on to madelyn's phone and got his number because we were fooling around the entire movie and we kinda clicked. I was to afradi to call him so everytime i saw hima t school i would just scream his name and hugg him, (I do that to everyone). so then i saw him at the fair that this church has like ery year and we didnt hang out but everytime i saw him we hugged. we have this thing where everytime we see each other we hugg and say i love you. lol but its not really serious, we justdid itonce and just suddenlystarted saying it like all the time. so we used to talk talk on the phone from like 9 pm to midnight EVERY NIGHT. we'd alwayys joke around with each other and talk about the most random thigns. thats sorta how we became best friends

so a few months later i started fallin for his best friend Aaron. this was before i had feelings for bryce. Me and aaron barely new each other but i really kinda liked him. so i would ask bryce to talk to him for me and see if he liked me too. sooner or later aaron confessed he liked me to bryce and me and aaron started dating.

PS Bryce and Arianna broke up a week after we went to the movies, so he was single while i was trying to get with aaron.

me and aaron only lasted a week until i found out he was using me to get close to arianna. WTF!? and i really really really liked him, but i broke up with him because i really hate being used.

Bryce was there for me on the phone while i was crying and telling him what happened. and Bryce didnt even shy away and keep quiet and just listen. he Comforted me! he said that i really didnt deserve someone like that , and that i was really pretty and nice and sweet and i was too smart for a guyy like that.

durring the summer me and bryce rarely saw each other, so the phone was our hope of cummunication. one night we were joking around and decided to play truth or dare. he dared me to make out with him at the back of the public library. and i was totally up for it since i was sorta kinda starting to like him a little bit. so everytime we tried to see each other and meet up at the libraryyy, we couldnt cause we were bussy with something else, so we kinda just forgot about the whole thing. then all of a sudden he got his phone taken away and he culdnt call me anymore.

first year of highschool this year and on the second week bryce starts seeing this one girl who i have no idea who she is. she is really skinny and shorter than him (since he is really short) and shes totally georgeous. Then suddenly i started having serious feelings for him. Like big time feeligns! like i am totally fucking in love with him! he really understands me and is alwayys there for me, and im alwayys there for him. you knwo that song by taylor swift "you belong with me" ? That is definetly the story of my life. it matches what im going thru EXACTLY,

she wears short skirts, i wear (band) t- shirts

shes cheer captain and im on the bleachers

im kind of chubby and not the most popular person in the world. Mostly cause i really liek to keep to myself, im really emo and dark colored. i dont own anything really colorful, i realyl just liek to stick with black. but all the girls hes gone out with in the past are really skinny and popular and pretty. both me and bryce are kind of in the middle when it comes to popularity, but i think the height difference and weight difference really would ahve an effect on us if we went out,

sooo anyayyyyy!!! Lol, after a week of dating, todayy bryce told me he broke up with his gf because she wasnt treating him like a bf she was treating him like shiit and she kept talking about some other guyy she liked. i told him if she ever hurts him id kick her tinyy little ass and brake every little bone in her tinnyyy little bodyy. of course i wasnt serious but i was really sadd that she hurt him. he really liked her, so he came to me at my locker todayy and looked like he was about to cryy i felt realyl bad for telling my friends i wish they'd break up caus ei really liked him, but i saw that he was really hurtt so i conforted him.

BTW, ive got this fling kinda going with this other guyy, his ame is Aaron too. but hes wayy different from the other aaron i went out with, me and (lets call him aaron #2) flirt with each other all the time and i have a habit of flirting with everyguyy i see, most of them just laugh and play along and think im just joking, but aaron #2 really likes it and told me that he likes me too. aaron #2 is really tall and used to have longg hair untill he chopped it off yesturdayy :( but i kinda give up on him since hes been in love with his best friend since the 3rd grade. and i liek ehr cause shes one of my new friends this year so ive kinda backed off a, lil bit from him cause they both really really love each other, but are too coward to do anything about it. but hes told me he loves her but likes me. but whatever i love bryce noww

aaron was justa lil crush but i really love bryce.but people call me crazyy caus eim just 14 and i dont really know what love is, but i realy think i love him. and i hate to see him get hurt by another girl, all my friends sayy we'd be cute togetehr andi shouldnt care about the height and weight difference. so im really getting readyy to tell him but i dont know howw.. and he alwayya hngs out with these really really pretty skinny girls at lunch and after school so i can never get the chance to talk to him or ahng out with him cause im kinda intimidated by those girls, but hes told me that none of those girls could ever be as great as me, and he'll never love those girls like he loves me..

oh yeah ps i forget to tell u that when we were daring each otehr to make out we kinda slipped out that we really liked each other but the nexxt dayy i said i was joking cause i didnt know what he thot, but he still said he liked me in that wayy..

so someone help me! i know this was long but i really need some help. should i tell him hwo i feel? caus ei really really feel good about this. and if i should, how should i do it? and how do i get over the jealousy of him hanging out with those girls who are wayyyyy prettyier than me? im really intimiddated by what they mite think if we started dating. someone pelase help meeeeee!!!

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