Not the same boy

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she knew him,he came back, he changed, tried to feel something, still cares for her, but he is gone, the original boy is dead

Submitted: April 03, 2013

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Submitted: April 03, 2013



you look like a boy I once met,
he had love in his eyes and a heart in his chest
but you're different somehow,
I could tell what it meant
but you couldn't possibly be,
that boy is gone he left with a piece of me
your eyes are cautious and raging with a storm,
your heart still beats, but like a raindrop in a storm
you're rougher now, always ready for a fight,
venom dripping from your lips, filled with bite
but you still seemed bothered about what's changed in me,
but you don't get a say, to play with me
sweet old myths, they kept me up at night, silently taunting me
when I saw it I knew it wasn't you,
I was right, even as you stand here trying to pick a fight
you're trying to feel something, maybe even to go back,
you want me to play, bring memories back
If thats all you want, I'll throw the first punch,
cause i've waited for this, you've lost your touch
I wanted to squish that last little hope,
you came and did that, leaving some hope
I was wrong you're too far gone, your not that same boy,
he died, and he died in the wrong
that boy i onced loved that boy is.............gone.

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