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And there were only a few stars they could still see and humans wanted to keep them for light and warmth. The sun had died on them and the Earth was always in darkness.

The stars seemed to be too far and their light was dim, They thought of sending one of their powerful space ships to see what they could do to get some light, not for the Earth but for another planet they were trying to reach.

Somehow they managed to get two ships ready, one to the faraway stars to see how potent they were and the other to a planet not too far from the Earth. This second ship was crowded with the 

Powerful, the ones without power and all other species were left behind, to fend in the semi-darkness as best they could. After all, they were useless to them, there was no room for them either on the ship or the new planet.

And so the two ships parted, happy with the idea of a new beginning. The first one travelled to the stars that would give them light and warmth. Their trip was long but they thought nothing of it, they would make it and their new planet would have its own sun, they would see to it. And so, they approached destination confidently, only to find themselves wrapped in flames. The stars had defended their light and had rendered them cosmic waste.in the Universe.

The second ship arrived safely only to find their new planet cold, too cold.. There was no light and everything was silent. They felt alone and afraid, they tried to use some lights they had on board to keep them warm but it was no use,it became colder and colder.

They realized then they had to go back to Earth, everything was preferable to this place where power meant nothing and they were engulfed in darkness. They had tried and had failed and so they prepared themselves to return to their decimated Earth. ´Perhaps the ones left behind could be of some use to them.

And they would have returned, had their space ship not broken down beyond repair. And so they stayed, hunched up in the darkness from which their species had emerged countless light years before. They had ruined the Earth , had killed the other species for greed and also fun, had enslaved them and subjected them to lives of misery. They had also poisoned the waters and fouled up the air and they had done all this proudly, without any doubt in their power. 

And so, they learnt then they would die in fear, the same fear they had seen in their victims on Earth, the same fear they had mocked only that their victims had been innocent and they knew they were not. They died one by one, in terror, and their power died with them.

In the meantime, the sun had started to shine brightly, warming the Earth. The waters became clean and the air pure. Everything had returned to the very beginning.




Submitted: August 23, 2020

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