Hell or Heaven? You Decide.

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Kaiden is a boy just entering high school. What awaits for him inside those closed in walls of hell, isn't the expected. Nathan Ryder just happens to bring that unexpected part.

Kaiden Rose + Nathan Ryder = A lot of kinky stuff(;

Kaiden is a listless, keeps-to-himself type of guy. Nathan is a loud, I-don't-give-two-sh*ts type of guy. When these two come across each others path, they bring the best...and the worst out of each other.

Kaiden brings out the 'man' in Nathan[wink] & Nathan brings out Kaiden's...well everything.

Whenever they're together, their happiness bursts into soft bubbles.

Either their relationship will burst. Or it will rise above, higher than the sky.

Submitted: July 02, 2011

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Submitted: July 02, 2011



Okaii so get this, this new story isn't so new at all. Its been hidden in my notebook for months(: I wrote it in school when the idea came to me. Although, I don't know if it'll come with good results. So I only hope for the best(: Wish me luck and please help me write more of this. You guys are what encourage me to write. So, comment and let me know what you think! Enjoy>>>


The butterflies flap their wings silently outside. Birds chirping as they tend to their young.


I hate it.

I'm Kaiden Rose. And no. I'm not a girl. I'm a guy. My mother always wanted a girl named Kaiden. So when she found out I was a boy, she stayed with Kaiden. Even as a newborn baby, I was complainging about my name.

But, she'd always says that my name is unisex. Yeah...right. You all know that there are names that are supposedly...unisex...yet they're just really a girl name. Right?

Sometimes I don't hat my name. Its just that I get teased a lot because of it. And also cause I just happen to look pretty much like a girl. Except I don't have blobs of fat on my chest and...you know...

They think that because I even have girl features. Pale skin, almost white blond hair, green eyes, and high cheekbones. My mom likes to experiment with hair. So, she uses me as her dummy. She dies it different colors to test them. She works for this...hair thing...y. I don't know. She's never told me exactly what she works in. I just know its something to do with hair.

Everytime, she dyes it back to my color. But, dyes it white instead of back to blond just for her own entertainment. Which angers me. Yet, I burst out laughing with her when she gives me this look. Recently, I put messy jet black streaks through my hair. I really like it. Also, my mom's been 'experimenting' on my hair since the 7th grade. Even with no job!

She just says that she simply likes it. And then I grew to like it too. My mother is the eccentric type of mother that you would want to be around all the time. But, she can also be the most irritating person ever. So, I would gladly stay away from her unless she comes to hunt me down. She loves to have fun and do exciting things.

She likes to spend a lot of time with me. And vice versa. Its only us now because my father left her when he heard that she got pregnant with his baby(me) at 17. He's the one that got her pregnant, not me! So, go shove your thing up some other womans butt!

He's been gone since the day she told him she was pregnant. He called her a slut and run off, running away from his problems. Coward. He left my mother alone to take care of me single handedly. Mom took two jobs when she was trying to provide for us at the time.

Maybe next year, I can start looking for a job to help her out around the house a bit. I'll be turning 16 anyways. I'm only 14 right now. But, turning 15 in two weeks.

Mom works all the time. So she's barely ever home. Her only days off are Sundays and Wednesdays. So I spend those days off, with her. When school was still running, sometimes I'd stay home on Wednesdays with my mom. That is, if she'd even let me.

Over the summer, I'd spend them with her. The other days, I'd have to stay home by myself with a baby sitter till I was old enough to stay home by myself. When she's off, sometimes we go to get icecream. I love my chocolate icecream!

Okay...So school starts...tomorrow. I don't want to go tomorrow. Today is obviously Sunday.


This is only part of the chapter. I shall type the rest tomorrow or something and then post the rest, kay?? LOL. Please comment, vote, and...well, do it if you love me or slightly happen to like me even the tiniest bit, ya know?


For this, I'll take a few comments, not many. And votes too, a few. I'll wait to require the commnts when I post the other part or parts(:

Cya guys!!! <3 u all.

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