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You are about to learn about me and my family and what I like and what make me laugh and happy and what I love to do.

Submitted: May 15, 2015

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Submitted: May 15, 2015




My Story


Hi my name is Elizabeth Rivera Tamayo I have 2 sisters their names are Julieta and Alejandra. Julieta is in 1st grade and she is 7 years old. Alejandra,is 23 and she works  with my mom in a warehouse. My moms name is Julieta she is 39 years old.I am 14 years old I live in Morris Illinois.I go to school at Saratoga Community School.I'm in 7th grade. My favorite subject is Language,reading,Geography.Language is my favorite because I get to write books and is my favorite thing to do when I am done doing homework. Writing books is my most favorite because I get to write so many fictional narratives.Writing is fun because you get to use your imagination to make a story or you can use real life stories.Reading is my favorite because you read so many interesting books that you would like. Like for example you would say this  "keep reading I like this story". like for example Seventh Grade we read book that was very funny and it was about this boy named Victor and he liked a girl named Teresa.It was so funny. It starts with victor's friend and him making faces at a girl’s  that mean that he is trying to get girls attracted. Then the girl’s give them a look and victor's friend says "it's working" but they made a face because they thought they were crazy.  that’s why I love reading. You read sometimes funny stories and sometime sad ones and you learn about poetry. Geography is my favorite because you learn things about old history and kings that were before us. I love learning new things it like you are going back in time and seeing  history all over again. Mr.Ross he's very funny. He says funny jokes and give us the funniest nicknames.Hes awesome.But I used to go to Shabbona Middle School I miss it there  so much because my best friend Sammie and I would always sit next to each other at lunch and hang out at recess  but the last day. I was at shabbona I was crying because I know that Sammie was going to miss me and that  I would miss her. On my last day at Shabbona Middle School I noticed in my 8th hour study hall that  Sammie was crying and I start to cry to because she is like my sister and I really care about her.My first day in Saratoga I was scared because I know no one there but Carlie. My old best friend. We have been best friends since kindergarten.


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