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This is the story of a girl.....I think it speaks for itself.

Note: This poem is not complete. I plan to finish the story.

Submitted: May 12, 2013

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Submitted: May 12, 2013




She hangs from a cliff where she desperately clings, 
Afraid to fall but afraid of what life brings. 
Confusion and struggles litter her life, 
And blame and contempt cut like a knife. 
She's tired of trying and failing again; 
Each time that she hopes, she is trampled in sin. 
She gives up on hope but wants to believe 
That there is light yet inside for her to conceive. 
Can no one see past the smile's joke; 
Into the fear behind mask and cloak? 
She turns her head, her heart she closes. 
She enters the world and then she poses. 
Heartless and tough become the role she must play, 
While memories of life she locks away. 
Soon she is ruined and there's nothing to save; 
Nothing to save from Hell in the grave. 
She cusses, she screams but no one can hear 
For she traded for satan the friends she held dear. 
Alone and destroyed inside and out, 
She weeps for what was, so filled with doubt.
It's too late to change; too late to try 
Consequences due for the life of a lie. 
Once more she lifts up her eyes 
And seeks out the Lord even as she cries.

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