I love you that's what i was meant to do

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This is a song that i wrote. I really hope you read this and i hope it's good enough to make you cry!

Submitted: January 21, 2012

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Submitted: January 21, 2012




I love you

That’s what I do

My life depends on you

My heart is in your hands


If I cry you are there

If I smile you laugh

If I’m scared your there to fight my fears

When I dream

You are there

And everything is complete


Now I need you more then ever

My heart is pounding

My head is thumping

I feel like exploding

My insides are numb

I need to cry

But you are not here to wipe away my tears

Oh and I try so hard but they won’t come out


Yeah and If I cried you were there

If I smiled you would laugh

If I was scared you would fight away my fears

When I dreamt you were there

And everything seemed complete


But now there is dust in my heart

There is no space to move

My heart is turning black

Without you

And I think I might die

Because I need you more

Then the sun sits in the sky

Oh, I need you now

I might past out

From the lack of love I’m getting

And I will never find a man

As great as you


Yeah, when I cried you wiped away my tears

And when I would smile you would laugh

And when I was scared you would fight away my fears

Oh and when I would dream

You would be there

And you made my world complete

But now you’re not there

And I’m scared

Because I can’t live on without you

I need you now

I need to cry

But I haven’t had time

Since you’ve died

And I need to be up there with


Oh there you can wipe away my tears

You can laugh when I smile

You can fight away my fears

You can be in my dreams

Making my world complete

I can’t wait to get up there



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