My story of us

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This is a poem about a girl trying to figure stuff out with a boy.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011




Every time we fight we break up

Then we talk we make up

I’ve said you’re ugly

You’ve said I’m a whore

We even both agreed we didn’t like each other anymore

We find out we still do

So we hug and kiss one another

Then she says she saw me kissing him

You get mad and run away

I chase after you nearly punched her in the face

She asked you so many times so finally you said yes just to get me ticked

I acted like I didn’t care

You seemed like it wasn’t fair

We found her phone looked through it together

We found out she played us

Now we’re together

Hope noone breaks us up

Because it’s again and again and

Im trying so hard not to cry

We’ve broke up so many times

You walk and talk and hold me so perfectly

I get lost in your eyes

Your breath takes mine away

Why do we do this it isn’t fair

I’ll keep in my tears in till we get to the real battle field

Where the punching and kicking starts

Where I just about pour out my heart

I’m crying inside just as you read this

The pain of us is too much

Maybe you belong with her

Or maybe I’m just a paranoid freak

Or maybe there are no happy endings

But if there was one I wish it to be with you

But if we can’t be together forever I understand

But I wish you to know that right I still love you even though

I act like I don’t

Because right now we aren’t together

And I only do it to make me stronger

So if you are still reading this

Just know that I love you

And always will love you


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