The forgotten letters

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Forgotten letters that people wrote but never gave.

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012




Dear Lucy,

Hi sweet child, I love you. I never got the chance to tell you this it always seemed like you were so far away. I see you in my dreams. The ones where you’re all grown up and you live in a nice house with a family. And they make me cry seeing my baby grown up. But a mama’s got to let go, right? Well I hope to see you soon up here soon. I love you still and forever.


A pasted mother


Dear mama,

 You gave me up like that how could you? You were young I get it but you didn’t have to it this way. Mamas are supposed to love the child right? Well why didn’t you mama? You said you loved me before you let them do it. If you loved me you wouldn’t let them vacuum me away like that. You still have daddy though, and I hope it works out with you two. But was it his idea, giving me up? Or was it yours? It was so cruel, how could you? How could you mommy? Let me slip away like that let them kill me like that? Well I hope I see you in hell cause that’s where you’ll end up.

 I hate you mommy’

An abortion kid


Dear daddy,

 You’re gone again. Mommy said you’re getting milk but I checked the fridge we already have some. So where did you go? I heard you and mommy yelling last night and there are holes in the walls. I know you’re angry because I heard the doors slam. So where did you go? I saw the bottles in the trash again this month, I counted, and there was at least three. Mommy said that they are drinks to help you calm down. I looked at the letters on the front they read, vodka. I don’t know what that means but it makes you puke a lot. I miss you daddy come back please.

 I miss you,

A drunk man’s son


Dear Jules,

 I’m sorry but I’ve met someone else. I’m breaking up with you. This really doesn’t need an announcement right? I mean I’m pleased that I’ve found someone who doesn’t like to take their shirt off every second with a different guy. I’m glad I found her, because she’s nice and pretty and funny. But she is not you. No one can be you. No one can replace the thing that you use to do that made me lose it. But I mean I have to move on, I’m sorry but I don’t like finding my girlfriends in a bed with my best friend. So yeah bye I guess.

 Please don’t call me,

A hurt man


Dear hospital,

 Screw you people! You let my daughter die in this scum hole of a place! She had leukemia; you swore you would help her. But you didn’t and now she’s dead! You guys are supposed to help people not kill them!

 Fuck you,

A depressed father





Dear police,

 I’m sorry for the weed. Don’t send me to jail.




Dear monsters in my closet,

 Please stop hiding in my closet. That’s all I ask. You guys stink really bad I mean take a shower!

 Cleanse yourselves,

7 year old boy


Dear OCD,

 Please stop making my life miserable. You make me go nuts when I see dirty things or disorganized papers. I mean when I go over to my boyfriends house you have to kick in and I go around and clean his house I mean give me a break. I always have to freak out about the smallest things because of you.

 Please leave me alone,

A confused 17 year old girl


Dear imaginary friend,

 You said you would come back when I was older. Well now would be a good time. I really need you and there is no one else to turn to. You said that for right now I would be fine but you lied. You were my best friend, invisible but the best. But now you’re gone and I NEED you.

 Please come back,

A 23 year old who messed up her life


Dear Daddy,

 Why did you hit mommy? Why did you bring home that girl with not very much clothes on when mommy went to work? Do you think I can’t see everything your doing? Well I can and if I could talk I would tell mommy everything your doing. But I can’t because I’m too young but god can see everything your doing. So if you want to get into heaven, you know the place where me and mommy are going, then your dumb. Because you should go to hell for all the mistakes you’ve made.

 I love mommy so watch out,

 Your one year old

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