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How to wake up...

Submitted: March 13, 2008

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Submitted: March 13, 2008



When I walk around the world

I feel the rhythm and the rhyme

From vibrations of the energy

Before there was time

While I wonder why the world waits

To watch the other try

I don't see enough debates

Asking Who & How & Why

When did this monstrosity

Begin to take place

Who has the audacity

To put it in our face

Are we thinking

Are we trying

Are we feeling

Are we crying

See the suffering

And the dying

From the cheating

And the lying

Are we listening to the words

That we accept as fate

Do we believe we're not heard

So we give in to their hate

Wait a second, where'd your mind go

Can't you see that it is with you

Take a while, get to know it

Find those secrets deep within you

 What's the matter, are you hurt

Are you scared, are you tired

Do you wish that you'd stand up

Well you can, what gets you fired

There's a reason why you WAKE UP 

Share yourself from day to day

Life is pleasing when you make up

Your own wealth and learn to play

Do what feels good and be smart

Don't be afraid of a new start

Sometimes we'll be apart

But we connect through breath & heart

As we WAKE UP we see reason 

When we satisfy it's pleasing

There is change in every season

Why do we stand here freezing

When the warmth is all around us

It completely surrounds us

When we decide to take the light in

We will stop all of this fighting

So don't stand there and criticize

The ones who try to exercise

A New Way to live their lives

Those ones who Love the next surprise

The big plan is to synchronize

Our brains so we believe their lies

Now's the time to realize

We need to listen to the wise

And WAKE UP...

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