staring at the sealing

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
well basically this isnt the whole book, i decided to write a book but need reviews on the starting, if i get good reviews i will carry on..

Submitted: August 01, 2012

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Submitted: August 01, 2012



My eyes fling open, I lay in bed wrapped in my covers, staring at my damp sealing of my New York apartment, it takes me a few moments for my composure to come back to me. I look over at my clock, 6.30 in the morning! Leaving my bed is going to bed a struggle I think over and over again in my head, convincing myself to call in sick, then I remember the bills..

Wearing only my overly big t-shirt I stand up stretching my body while yawning at the same time. You should see the view from my apartment, I can just tolerate the dampness and my noisy neighbours for this view, Manhattan looks so beautiful from up high, I look down at all the people rushing to get breakfast, the city that never sleeps they call it. This is my dream, well living here everything else could be better.

I Hear my blackberry buzzing from my bed, who the hell could be calling me at this time in the morning!? It my boss great..

‘Amelia, Amelia are you up?

Yes what can I do for you?

Thank god your up! I need you down at the court for 8.30! You remember that big case that’s happening? The one that could get us dosh if we get a good interview? Yeah that one! So hurry up and get down there and for heaven sakes wear something, um..sophisticated?

Yes sir.

Sophisticated!? That man is one nasty piece of work!

I look back over at my clock, 7.00am, best get a move on then and dress sophisticated, I have a good job to give him a piece of my mind!


8.15 and I’m standing outside the Manhattan criminal court, this place is even more depressing than my apartment! Stumping out my cigarette with my 3 inch high heels I make my way into the court. I briefly remember what said about this court case, a man being charged with the murder of his wife. A shiver goes all the way down my spine and back up thinking about it. Working for the new York times can be time consuming, and not worth the hassle from my over sensitive, nagging boss.


I take my seat behind a group of men sat in black, literally all wearing black, it’s almost like someone died, wow that was a bad joke! Even for me, quickly moving on from my sick sub conscious I get back to the real reason I’m sat here being paid only 7 bucks an hour! The case drags on, and two hours into it my hands starts to hurt, a lot..


Finally convicted I think very abrupertly to myself.. Only took three hours, I notice how hungry I am and honestly just want to get out of this place, I get out my blackberry to check my messages, burgh 3 missed calls. Grabbing all my things while trying to call back my best friend in the whole of Manhattan Ellie!

She finally answers and that’s when it hits me, well when he hits me! Not on purpose I don’t think all I remember is falling flat onto my face and dropping all my notes, and well my shitty blackberry that costs me 50 dollars a month!

I’m not usually get embarrassed but this well, I could feel my cheeks slowly but surely turning red..

Oh my god, I am so sorry!’ the stranger says..

I cannot speak, my lips wont moved! Its like there fucking glued to the ground, I just lay there, its like I’ trying to hide from all the concerned faces around me! I think maybe its time to get up now..

Um, its okay I reply to the stranger.

Um its okay!? Not its fucking not! My sub conscious says abit too loudly and its like he can hear me because laughs! Great he just pushed me over and now he’ laughing at me, my cheeks are bright red at this point!

Are you alright? He says very arrogantly.

I’ve been a lot better, I reply.

I’m Eric he says, and starts picking up my three hours worth of notes!

I don’t want to know your fucking name I think wildly to myself.

But then I introduce myself to him.

I’m Amelia..

I feel a tight but not painful grip on my arm as this mysterious stranger helps me up, this is not what I planned to happen early on a Monday morning, my blackberry buzzing vaguely in the background of all the people staring and whispering..

don’t listen to them’ the tall dark haired stranger says..

Oh shit! He’s good looking, my lips mime these words accidentally..

He laughs again, not such a great start..

I do apologise for that, its too early in the morning and I was starving, next time I rush to get out of a busy court, says Eric in his obviously sexy but manly voice.

I stutter, that was the same reason I headed for the door so quickly, that and my friend el..SHIT! I think very sharply! I forgot to call back Ellie, um..I kinda gotta shoot of now, and I make my dramatic exit..

The stranger who name is Eric stands looking awkwardly at me as I disappear through the court doors..

Yes Ellie, I apologise for not calling you back right away, and I understand you was worried but honestly I’m fine..

‘Amelia you should really look were your going next time, you could of hurt yourself! My overactive best friend ellie, she’s typically beautiful, smart and all of those perfect traits some girls are just lucky enough to get from there parents! Me on the other hand, shit Genes, thanks mum I think to myself..

I’ll see you tonight ellie, my place 9!

that’s if you don’t carry on falling over good looking men A! see ya later, she hangs up instantly, she’s always pissed at me for something..

My thoughts go back to food! And wondering what to do with the rest of my day, my boss mentioned nothing about going into the office and the weird day I’ve had I just want food and to go to bed..

I wake up in a panic, my eyes bloodshot and pulping out of my eye sockets, my high wasted skirt and black blouse is untucked and covered in sweat! I’m shocked by the lack of oxygen that is going into my lungs, and I slowly flop out of my bed..

Its 5pm, wow I must of slept for at least 4 hours! And in 4 hours ellie will be round with Chinese and beers. It’s times like this when I look out of my apartment and think honestly were is my life going, I don’t have sexual relationships nor do I have or wish to experience love, which would leave me in a shitter place than I’m in at the moment, my job sucks! I have no degree or no money and my sealing is damp with shit! Have I hit my mid life crisis at 23? Is this it, is this all I have to offer to my lovely new York! Tears spill from my eyes and I think about what I have and what I want, and honestly I don’t know what I want! I don’t take emotions very well and my hormones are going up and down faster than a po go stick!

I decide to take a cold shower, cold not out of choice but the fact I cant afford to pay my hot water bills this month..

The water falls over me and I feel a sigh of relief that my tears are invisible under the water, I sit down the shower head covering my whole body as I hug myself under my own little water fountain.. I wake up with a loud bang! Half asleep I can just make out I am still under my man made fountain but also I can hear the sound of a very angry girls voice, SHIT! It must be 9, I jump out of the shower finding the nearest towel on the floor and sling it round my naked body sprinting to the front door of my apartment..

I am so sorry.. The words fall out of my mouth..

Yes you will be!’ the smeark on her face makes mine light up, I know she isn’t too mad, but then I remember.. I’m naked beneath this towel..

She rolls her eyes at me and pushes past me making her way into the kitchen, this is the second time in one day someone has pushed passed me..

My mind stops for a long and painful few seconds as I remember the dark haired guy who pushed me flat on my face earlier today, I’m not sure if my feelings towards this rude stranger is of anger or maybe, oh never mind.. I shake away the image of the man in my head and sit down with a beer and a Chinese..

I feel like I’m in heaven, my belly full with tasty food and cheap beer with my best friend sat beside me as she cry’s at twilight, I don’t tend to cry at films especially ones were everything is so over the top it makes me want to chuck my old school television of the top of the empire state building, but I do find myself with tears in my eyes! The thought of crying over twilight is making me even more upset, what is wrong with me today!

Oh Amelia! Ellie sobs at me! Imagine having love like they have! Oh Amelia she cry’s again, I offer her an awkward but loving hug and we sit there hugging each other watching the end credits..

I’m falling.. I’m feel like I’m falling forever, I feel the burning in my cheeks and the faint whispers or people in the background, I feel humiliation and I wish to run. There’s a warm touch on my arm I turn around and see the strong jaw line of the gorgeous man, the sexiness of his hair! The slight bulge in his pants were his suite trousers are just that little bit tight, I look up into his eyes..

That’s when I wake up, gasping for air! Like someone has punched my lung..

What the fuck, I think casually to myself and I’m staring once again at my damp sealing, looking over at my clock and realising I have an hour to get to work! I put my hands over my eyes grabbing my hair and shake violently, screaming lightly in my bed..

Jumping in the shower and realising its cold! Fuck.. I scream as I realise just how cold the water actually is! I chuck on a black dress that is just lying across my chair, I slip it over my head and realise just how low cut it is, fuck it I think and carry on getting dressed..

Slapping on a bit of mascara and lipstick and slipping on my 3 inch heels I head out of the door..

You’re late miss west! oh what a joy, Mr.Arsehole is in his usual arsehole mood.. Arse.. I laugh casually to myself

Are you laughing at me Amelia!? The tone of his voice gives one sharp shiver down my spine, I feel like I’m 10 again being told of by my teacher!

Um no sir! I mean Mr.Black, I’m sorry I couldn’t get a cab.. I do sound very apologetic!

Well let it be the last time your late Miss west.. Oh and before I forgot can I have the notes of yesterdays court case on my desk in 20 minutes! Please..

Sheer fear comes over me at this point! Oh balls! I left the friggin notes at that frigging court case when Mr frigging hottie trips me up! I feel like crawling up into a little ball and hiding under my desk..

Um excuse me. Amelia?

I almost want to turn around and tell Mr.Arsehole what an arse he really is, I turn around and at the moment in time I wish I didn’t..

It’s not Mr.Arsehole.. Its him! Sex on legs..

My stutter is back and I manage to say Hi..

HI!? Out of every word in the bloody English language I manage to say hi? Not hey? Sup? Hello sex on legs.. Nope I say hi..

Um hi, he laughs faintly, do you remember me? The arsehole that pushed you over? Did he just call himself an arsehole? I cannot help but laugh at him and nod my head like some sort of kid!

I’m sorry for just intruding like this but you left these..

The notes!? I’m saved.. I want to dance around the office not crawl into a little ball under my desk! Sex on legs has saved my arse from Mr.Arsehole!

Then I realise after my little moment of happiness that I’m smiling like an idiot! I’m smiling like there’s not tomorrow and the only decently attractive man in Manhattan!

© Copyright 2020 LL Bishop. All rights reserved.

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