Hymnos Hecate

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

It's all about a mythological goddess named Hecate, who was one of the Lunar Triads. She and her fellow groupmates, Artemis and Selene, represents the sides of the moon. She presents the dark side of the moon, which is all about the fear and fright but, her worshippers are laughing. This was made for a book I was creating that, up to this point, is not finished yet. Anyway, feel free to express your thoughts and suggestions so that I could improve my writing because I know, I could create better with comments. Please do not be dishonest and admit all of what I really should do to improve myself.

Hymnos Hecate


On the ninth of sweet February,

Not a problem, not a worry,

The moon will be painted blood red.

It was believed and once was said:


The red moon heralds a goddess,

A deity of Sorceresses,

The one feared by the most fairest,

But, in witchcraft, is the dearest.


As the godmother of Elpis,

She will visit that very night,

With no fear, no harm, all in peace.

Like Phosphoros, who brings the light.


Once all the clocks struck midnight, 

The moon will climb sky high and bleed.

Go out and see the bloody light.

You will see her and have a deed.


On her chariot with two dark hounds

And holding a torch, she then comes.

The loud silence rules as she rounds.

Then it will shatter when she hums.


All of the houses lock their doors,

For the witches and wizards stroll,

Seeking for their patron's beast roars

And praising her above them all.


She's present when someone dies,

She's laughing when someone sighs.

She trully sees what will happen.

She, too, does know what happened then.

Submitted: April 05, 2012

© Copyright 2022 LlanessaRainhart. All rights reserved.

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