Spontaneous Chapter No. 1

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Alright, my goal for this is to just make a story off of anything that comes to my head from this moment on.

Submitted: July 29, 2012

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Submitted: July 29, 2012



He put down his pencil after writing in his book for hours. John Clench, a self-proclaimed author had just finished another chapter in his newest horror novel, \"As the Waters Grow Dark\". He stood up from his desk and went to put on his coat when the door behind him flew open. It was Crazy Steve, a local mechanic that spends more time playing golf than fixing the carts he drives (get it? Drives?). Crazy Steve has always been good friends with John, but lately Steve had started to get a little antsy around him.

\"Steve,\" said John, \"how did you get that door open? I had it locked from the inside.\"

\"There's no time for that! I've got troubling news for you and the whole WORLD!\" Steve staggered over to John, obviously showing he was wounded.

\"What happened to you?\" asked John as he caught his friend and put him in his chair.

\"Oh, I'm fine. I just accidentally left the car I was working on in neutral and it happened to roll over my leg.\"

\"Well, I've told you to have your shop somewhere other than on the steepest hill in the county.\"

\"Yeah, I know, but now's not the time for this! I heard some powerful news that could change the world!\"

\"What is it?\" John sat down in the chair by his door.

\"Well, while I was eating the cheesy potato that I usually have for lunch, I had the urge to go to the bathroom. Usually I finished my potato before going, so this is already crazy, right?! Anyway, while I was on the can, I started farting out, like, really loud, and as much as I thought it was embarrassing, I started to try to make music out of it. Instead, get ready because this is where it gets weird.\"

John Clench leaned a bit forward and said to Steve, \"I'm ready for your news, Steve.\"

\"I started farting in Morse Code! I wasn't doing it on purpose either! After a few seconds, I started to try and find out what my butt was saying.\"

John smiled at the phrase, but was now interested. He needed some new material to write about, and this was sounding good.

\"...It was a good thing I remembered Morse Code from that class I took last summer. I couldn't get it all, but my butt was saying something along the lines of...\"

Just then, the windows by John's desk broke by a strong wind, blowing glass and papers every which way in the room. John immediste:y rushed to his desk to grab the work he had just written, but paused to look outside a bit. It was much darker than a cloudy day; it was almost like an eclipse. The wind was blowing in John'a face, however, and he could barely look outside.

\"Let's get out of here! It's probably dangerous here!\" yelled John.

\"What are tou talking about? Aren't you supposed to be inside and in a tall place during earthquakes?\" asked Crazy Steve, who was now clenching to the chair he was in.

\"Heck no, where did you hear that?!\" yelled John. It was then that he had noticed the slight trembles of the building. 'Earthquake?', he thought as got himself together. 'I have to get outside, even if it is more dangerous'.

John helped his friend out of the chair and helped him down the thirteen flights of stairs that led from his apartment. Once they had gotten to the last step, Steve was running ahead of John. 'Why was I helping him down the steps? He made it all the way here earlier.' thought John as he started out the lobby's main door.

He found Steve on the sidewalk just staring at the sky ahead of him. John looked out there too, and out of suprised, horror, and confusion, he stood there with his mouth gaping. Before them and several running citizens was a large wall that blocked out the sun and seemed to creep down the street.

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