The Story That I really didn't intend on Making but was a Request from a Friend so I guess I have To Do it anyway

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I wrote this in seventh grade. After reading it, I've decided that it's kinda bad, but still silly and respectable, so here it is. Also, I didn't touch it besides fixing errors that appeared when I put this up, so this is the original. For the girls that forced me against my will to do this.

Submitted: July 03, 2012

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Submitted: July 03, 2012




One morning, a girl named Megan woke up and decided to make her mom a bed-in-breakfast, so she put on her slippers and went to the kitchen, hoping to find some pancake mix. When she couldn’t find that, she looked in the refrigerator for some eggs. What she didn’t expect though, was the giant whirlpool in her refrigerator!!! She would’ve screamed, but she was too busy being sucked into the whirlpool.

When Megan woke up, she found herself still in her pajamas, surrounded by her friends that were also pajama-bound.

“What happened?” asked a dazed Megan.

“I don’t know.” said Brooke. “I just wanted some waffles and I showed up here!”

“Me neither!” commented Morgan. “The only thing I remember is cleaning my room.”

“What happened to my Pop Tarts?” asked Tori. “I’m gonna be starving without my Pop Tarts!”

After freaking out all over again, the girls decided to find some food, find a cave, and not die. After the much bickering and complaining that anyone would expect, they all decided who was going to get what.

Megan and Morgan went to look for a cave, Brooke would look for the food, and Tori decided to find the water. We’ll start with Brooke.

As Brooke started out into the forest-like terrain, she started looking for fruits. But she couldn’t find any apple or orange trees. All she could see was dirt, trees that didn’t have fruit, and a ferocious raptor coming at her at 40 mph!

“Hey, I remember reading something about you!” she exclaimed. “You guys are raptors! And you eat girls …just…like…me.” And before the vicious raptor could attack her, she commented ever-so-rudely, “Eww! Your breath smells horrible!”

This stopped the raptor just four feet dead ahead of her.

“Is it really that bad?” she asked. “Of course it is! I mean, your DINOSAURs, for crying out loud! What did you expect: minty freshness?” snapped Brooke. The raptor blushed in embarrassment. “Now don’t feel bad;” said Brooke. “I know a good mouth wash company that—“Before Brooke could continue she was swallowed up by a T-Rex!!!

“Was that punk talking about you again, mom?” asked the T-Rex. “No, she was giving me the advice that I’ve needed for a long time! But I do have one question.”

“What is it, Mom?” asked the T-Rex.

“Just what in the world is mouth wash?” prompted the confused raptor.

Now we’ll look at what Megan and Morgan are doing.

Since both Morgan and Megan were getting tired, they decided to rest under a very shady tree.

“We’ve been going through these wood lands for hours! And we still haven’t found anything even like a cave!” complained Megan. “Hey, look up over there!” said Morgan. As Megan turned her head, she found herself looking at a volcano. “You’re not thinking of going to that volcano, are you Brooke?” inquired Megan.

“Well, why not? We aren’t gonna be going anywhere soon. Besides, if we’re going to live here for a while, why not check out a volcano?” continued the persistent Morgan.

“Well…fine. But if we die, it’s all your fault.” confirmed Megan.

As they went towards the volcano, they saw thin blur in the sky hovering by a flying pterodactyl. The girls ignored it, and continued to approach the volcano.

Apparently, this is going to take a while, so let’s check on Tori.

Soon after Tori left the meeting area, she found a small river that held clear, fresh water.

“This is way too easy!” said the confident Tori. “I barely have to work at all! I hope that the other girls get off as easy as me-“

Tori stopped dead in her tracks, for her words were suddenly contradicted by the sight of a triceratops!!!

Stepping back slowly, and barely breathing, Tori began to think of ways to get to the water without getting killed. She thought about going up stream, but she looked around and saw a vine that looked a lot like a snake. Good thing it wasn’t. As Tori took the vine, she looked at the triceratops, and then charged at it! She leaped onto the dinosaur’s back, and wrapped the vines around the thrashing teeth and pulled as hard as she could. The triceratops held its head high and let out a loud roar, then settled down.

“Oooh…I’m gonna have fun with this thing.” said Tori. She got the water by getting the triceratops to get a mouth full of water. Then, she went upstream, where she came across a giant waterfall. Seeing that there was nowhere else to go, Tori then decided to lie down and rest, while the others finished up their jobs.

And now, let’s see how the deceased Brooke is doing.

After a few hours, the T-Rex crapped out the chewed-up Brooke but that’s not the end of her, dear readers. In fact, the aroma of extremely convenient marshmallows revived her, and she ate all of them in 28 seconds flat (that’s pretty fast for 19,000 marshmallows!). As she shoved the last marshmallow in her mouth, the same dreaded T-Rex from the 16th and-slash-or the 17th paragraph came up around the corner of a boulder (do boulders have corners?) and saw Brooke sitting down by the empty marshmallow plate.

The sight of the T-Rex scared the heck out of Brooke more than a hobo shedding armpit hair. But since her mouth was full of the 19,000 marshmallows, she began to spit them out. The marshmallows shot out of her mouth at mach 3 speeds with deadly accuracy that was focused on the T-Rex’s eye ball. I won’t go into all of the gory details (mostly because one: my mom’s looking over my shoulder as I’m typing this, and two: I can’t think of anything that’s gory about marshmallows), but if you get any ideas, please call 1-800- GET OFF MY BACK, and we’ll send you this really cool t-shirt that smells like my mom’s aftershave! (No offense, mom! What’s with the dirty look?) Anyway, the T-Rex became a corpse, and Brooke looked at the T-Rex and said,

“Hey look, food.” When she tried to drag it with her, though, it remained dormant. “Well, I’ll guess that I’ll stay here and swat away those large swarms of flies that are zooming towards me.

And last, but not least, let’s check on Megan and Morgan.

When the girls had reached the tip of the volcano, Morgan peeked over the edge; finding herself confronted with a big pool of magma. 

“Um… I’m not sure if we should do this anymore.” said Morgan. “It’s getting way too hot for me, and smell like sardines here.”

“Are you kidding?! This is awesome! I’ve never been so close to a live volcano.” said Megan.

Just then, a gorilla ran up the mountain-like volcano, tripped over a piece of grass, snapped its neck and tumbled into the lake of lava.

“Kowabunga, du—AAAAUGH!!!!!” yelled the gorilla as he made his plummet into certain death. The girls staggered out of the way of the rampaging gorilla, only to find themselves hanging from the ridge of the lava cesspool!!!

“Peanuts! Get your fresh salty peanuts!” (Stupid peanut salesman)  



With the lava seemingly rising upon the girls, all hope had almost been lost; but not all of it, because I’m the writer, and what I say goes. Then, without warning, Morgan slipped and fell to what would be her death, but instead of feeling lava, burns, and peeling skin, she found that she landed on another substance.

“Hey, this almost feels like pterodactyl skin!” exclaimed Morgan. “Hey, Megan! Drop down here!”

“Are you insane?! I’m not gonna die yet! I haven’t had time to brush my hair!” Meagan decided to look downward, only to find that below her was that same blur and pterodactyl that they didn’t see on their way to the volcano!

After deciding that she’d rather die falling off a pterodactyl rather than by lava, so let herself go and found herself sitting on the invisible blur (it’s actually a invisible pterodactyl, but don’t tell anyone. It’s a secret). Once Megan got a hold on the haze, they soared into the air and away from the devastating volcano. Soon, the girls spotted the others, and started throwing very convenient pine cones at them. Once getting their attention, Megan signaled to the others to follow her. After two hours had passed, the girls were back where they started.

But something was different. In the middle of the cave, there seemed to be what looked like a water sprinkler.

“Hey, what’s this?” inquired Tori. “I don’t remember this being here.”

“Go ahead and touch it!” said Brooke.

Tori touched it, and as if shockingly, though it really wasn’t, she was sucked into the sprinkler!

“Tori! Where are you?” Morgan ran towards the sprinkler, only to find herself tripping over it and disappearing too.

“What’s going on?!” shouted Megan, and found herself being sucked into the sprinkler as well.

“…Oh, what the heck.” said Brooke, and jumped into the sprinkler.

After, random phenomenon, Megan and her friends picked themselves up to find that they were back in their homes. Megan went to the phone to call all of her friends.

“Did that actually happened?” asked Morgan. “Of course it didn’t happen! How could we possibly get sucked into kitchen appliances, let alone into a water sprinkler!” exasperated Brooke.

“Well, we’re in one of Jeremy’s stories, you know. Every spastic thing that happens here is probably real.” commented Megan.

“I’m in a bad mood.” Grumbled Tori. “My pop tarts are cold.”

The End

(Now get out of my house)

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