A Sarcastic Sorry

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A Peom to all of my life's bullies

Submitted: July 14, 2011

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Submitted: July 14, 2011



I am sorry.

I am sorry your life is always been so bad

That every time you see me you try to make me mad

I am sorry your life has so much of deserved pain

That when you see me you put me through shame

I apologise for your miserable excellence

That when I fail you make me feel like I should be wiped out of existence


I am ever so sorry for your horrible face

That every time you see mine you give me disgrace


I do apologise for your constant failure

That every time we in class my pain becomes your leisure


You always asked me who the fuck I think I am

Well here’s some butter to add with your spoilt jam


Who am I?


Is it the way I walk

Or the sweetness in my talk?

Is it the clothes I use?

Or perhaps the lifestyle I chose?


Who am I?


What defines me?

What makes me, me?

Is it my differences?

Or is it my references?


Who am I?


Am I a clown or a party fool?

Then why do people laugh at me?

Is it because I don’t look cool?

Or maybe it’s because I of being so smiley?


Who am I?


Did I fall from the sky?

Or did I fly?

I follow no norm

Like a child whose just born


Who Am I?


I a me

An individual by name

I am different and unique

And so what if I have a bounce to my walk or my voice has a tweak

I am me

A person indeed

Do I not bleed when you hurt me?

Do I not cry when you mock me?

Do I not run when you chase me?


Is my blood not red when you abuse me?

Do I not have flesh when you beat me?


Do I not scream when you cause me pain?

Then you do you tease me, did my parents not give me a name?

Then why do you make fun of me?

Do I not feel shame?


Does my emotion hide?

Is my life a joy ride?

Do I not have people by my side?


Then why do choose to hurt me

And why do you choose to cause me pain

Then why do you choose to make my life hell

Is your life so bad that you feel better when you hurt me and I am no longer well?



Well this is who I am


I am not gay or straight

Metro or hetero

I am not lesbo or lypo nor am I bio

I am different and unique

I got a swing to my hips and a voice with a squeak


I am proud of who I am

And I show it with a smile

You may have seen my perfect 32

Or maybe heard my wonderful 22

Well whatever the case maybe

I am me and will always be

100% naturally





I am solid as a rock

And firm as a foundation

My ass moves like a clock

From each tick to the tock


I am squeaky and smiley

With dedication and emotion

I am loved and trusted

I am cared and educated

I am not to change for you or any other

I am not a joke your sister nor your brother

I am an individual so treat me with respect

I am an individual with goals and a high intellect


So listen up and shut up because I got a few things to say and I’m ready to speak up


I have taken back control of my life

So mess with me and I’ll mess you up

Give me a kick and I’ll give you a clup

Speak to me in a manner so rude

And soon I will poison your food

Mock, tease, hurt or abuse me

And I will beat, smack hit and bash you

I am not alone I’ve got a back up of three

Myself, I and don’t forget me


So think twice

And choose wise

Cause if the next word out of your mouth is rotten

You will soon be dead and quickly forgotten




By Lloyd Chetty - February 2011

© Copyright 2018 Lloyd Chetty. All rights reserved.

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