Oral Fixation

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A busy mouth!!

Submitted: November 06, 2011

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Submitted: November 06, 2011



Kissing silent lips, hands clinch around curved highway hips.

Bodily twitches providing tips, bed filled with bobby pins and hair clips.

Tongue massaging a toothless mouth, must not be used for eating.

Speech posing much charisma, she’s moved by my pubic speaking.

Rude conversation, what a low blow, she feels what I’m saying.

Mumbled phrases causing vibrations, swallowed words, lips playing.

Kissing is my favorite, so I’m frenching two happy faces.

Only one body, so you’d have to imagine the smiles were in different places.

Face entering, exits only, just breaching the threshold.

Sheets and pillows grasped she looking for her best-hold.

Bad girl, I must take disciplinary action.

1st warning, severe tongue-lashing.

Dinner with no aroma, but plenty taste.

I’m eating no spoon no fork, just face.

Downtown, no city lights, slippery roads, and no stop signs.

She got a man, so its illegal parking who paying the fines.

Head first, swimming in spring water, conquering my fears.

Don’t wanna cum up for air, so I’m breathing from my ears.

I'm working, ur lips have become my occupation.

Heavyweight title bout, 12 rounds prelude penetration.

mouth a lethal weapon, it deserves a citation.

thanks for satisfying my oral fixation.

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