The Dragon

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I wrote this for a NZ story competition I learnt about from my teacher. It is about a young village boy, Harvey, who save the day when a small village is attacked by a dragon. It is exactly 750 words.

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Submitted: April 17, 2013




A great sun was awakening, herald of budding day, and trees, old oaks, were wheezing gently. The day was flawless as but a rose may be; soft and gentle, with light in it’s veins, Summer coat patched of flowers, and meadows, and stolen fragments of God’s sky. For this day is definition of beauty! Dance gaily about the fields, around the apple tree, and sing in exultation! Euphoria! The trees shiver with it! Forever may it be the tune to which the bellbirds sing! Sweet morn blooms with the splendor that only New Zealand summer may.

But lo! Shrill birds were silenced, and the sun rose no further in this few seconds, ere from the sky, a great ball of fire crashed upon the cornfields, and a Dragon fierce and terrible arose from the wreck.

At once, one with naught but 10 years to his name leapt forth, for he is brave, stout, and fearless.

 “We must fight!” Harvey cried.

 “Armoury! Send for the most merciless of swords! The sturdiest of shields! For stoutest of armies!”

And this cry was met by many a great roar by the warriors already massing upon the field of battle.

 “Summon your best fighters! Blow the horns, ere we march forth to war and great strife! Farewell thy beloved!”

And mighty roars were taken up by this great crowd, and the landscape shivered with the revolt of the swords, and the shields, and the clubs and makeshift weapons; pans and pots and wooden spoons.

There was much jostling and confused fighting, many a warrior stabbing wildly, be target friend or foe, for people a hundred-fold massed upon the field!

But Harvey- he is the mightiest of fighters. Flames cower at his great sword, and the Dragon himself feared it’s bitter kiss. And with this mighty blade, Harvey, he leapt high - heed him not! For he hath a great fire in his belly that thirsts for victory! No rope shall hold! No whip may tame desire!

But alas, young Harvey was thrown back by Dragon strong and wicked, and with a dismal cry of  “O!” he crashed to the ground, fainted, for the terror of the great Dragon was far too much to bear. All seemed lost, for the Captain Harvey had disappeared promptly, and their people and supplies were exhausted; yet the Dragon was far from it. They despaired and were desperate, and many were dead, many wounded, and the victor seemed decided.

Men a-hundredfold took up the mournful cry “All is lost!” and it became song that birds sung, and trees shiver with.

“Harvey! Harvey! “ Quoth many a fair maiden, “Return and conquer he who we abhor!”

Yet Harvey seemed far away, a ghost that shalt never return. They were beginning to sob, and weep, and cry fat tears, when lo! The Earth hath a great light, that shall smite all dark, and Evil shalt blench in its aura great and terrible. Thereupon the great army faltered, the battle stunted by its arrival. For naught but Gods own lantern shall shine so brightly! Oft ‘tis fabled that when it came hither, that Evil crumpled, and died, it’s might thrown asunder by the Thing that shivered the armour of the Great Dragon.

“Awake! Awake!” cry armies of Men. “Welcome, Saviour!”

And the saviour is Harvey! Harvey riding a moa!

“Rejoice! Here is strength in my presence! Come forth as one beneath banner of my house, and we shall see the Dragon’s might clove in two! We shall win this great competition against wicked foes! Tarry not and we shall return to what hitherto was!”

For Captain Harvey is feral, child of the wild places, where the Wild Things roam! Babe of lions, tigers, bears, and trees, mighty leader!

And so it became, that the great army ran forth, under proud banner and cries of “Harvey! Harvey, saviour of men!” swinging mace, and baring fang. And the battle raged, and reared it’s ugly head, until finally behold! The Dragon let slip a powerful scream, as it’s breastplate was splintered, and so little Harvey stood, quite shocked, for the dagger he held in his hand was downfall of the beast, and brought him to his knees! The world was still, ere Harvey hollered; “The dragon is dead!”

And women waved kerchiefs, scarves and tablecloths, men threw their caps in the air, and babies squirmed in their cots, which we may only perceive as an act of enjoyment. For they are victors of this story!











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