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This is a problem that I had. It is not uncommon for things to happen in families. This is just a glimpse into mine. By the way, we still have both!

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007



A problem. 

You have a sister whom you love deeply.  She is 15 years younger, so you almost raised her.  She is like a daughter, a sister and friend.

You have a daughter.  She is growing up and has dreams and aspirations.  You love her like no other; she came from your womb. 

You are told to stay home.  Your daughter and husband are going Christmas shopping.  She let you know several weeks ago that she plans to buy you a DVD player.  She had the plan to save for one when she got her first job. You assume that she is going to buy one tonight.

Your husband has you call your sister to pass the time alone.  You have a wonderful talk with her.  She married a man who is into movies.  Big Time.  You mention the DVD player.  She says to tell her niece to take it back.  A package is on the way, and by the way, don't buy any DVDs before the package is opened.

Your daughter comes home proudly carrying a DVD player.  You tell her about your conversation with her aunt.  She bursts into tears and is devastated. 

What do you do?  You love them both.  Your sister said she had been planning to do this for two years.  She was waiting to have enough money to do it.  She is adamant that her gift is to be kept. 
Your daughter is so special to you.  You know it means a lot to her.

What do you do?????????????????

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