last first kiss

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Let's go back to the first kiss, me and Janet, relieve enjoy the moment in full detail.

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



We snook out at midnight, on the Saturday 17th November 2012,we'd been shopping all day, so she just pressumed it was a present of me, I don't think she knew, I don't think I did such a late decision but if it worked then wow!All for the right reasons.We'd been friends for a while, so I just wondered we've intensily hugged before so I wanted to know when she smiled was it me?

I couldn't take my mind off her all day, I never could since October, maybe it was too soon to rush into things, I don't know, what would she do, how would she react. I had waited a month, I didn't even knew if she felt the same, if only she knew I wanted to just be her first kiss, and mine just her reaction scared me, if she didn't feel the same we still had to live in the same house together well, wouldn't that be awkward.

So on that midnight we finished watching a romantic film, I thought maybe watching \"How to loose a guy in 10 days\" would help, it doesn't sound romantic I know but trust me it really is,I said nervously trying not to stutter or tremble \"Do you want to go on a walk, I have a little gift I want to give you?\" Willingly she said \"Yeah sure!\" In her cute Irish way.

My heart fluttered the nerves just kicked in, I was so scared and took a deep breath in and planned everything up in my head.I got her coat and mine and as we walked out of the house, side by side, I offered her my hand, she accepted, and held it firmly not letting go we swinged back and forth after taking many paces towards the park.

It was pure scilence, apart from her nervous giggling as we fooled around, which always made my heart melt.As we entered the park it was pure black sky, and freezing, so we stood on the bridge, the moonlight twinkling down in the lake below us glimmering in the light.

\"I have a small present I want to give you.\" I nervously said. She closed her eyes without hesitation,and as I leaned in, she pulled in on my waist I wraped my arms around hers, she moved her right arm round my neck and pulled me in closer are lips met for the first time.As I kissed her she kissed me back.I was so supprised it was such a wonderful moment to share, her heart against my chest, her lips pressed to mine and we couldn't stop.

As dramatic as it sounded we couldn't 8 minutes later, it felt warm not cold anymore, we both pulled off at the same time. I saw the biggest smile I'd ever seen her crack, her Irish beauty and charm. Those blue eyes reached into my hazel/golden/brown eyes.She laughed quietly and hugged me so tight, I never wanted to let go.I had the whole world in my arms.

The wind started to come in fasted, and blow around but nothing stopped us, it whistled away.But we slow danced under the moonlit sky.A tear went down her face. I said \"why are you crying?\" She said so sweetly \"Because this is everything I have ever wanted!\"I hugged her so tight.Hand in hand we left the park on the way back to the house, the sky to only witnessed what happened.Kissing each other every now and then on the way back.My love of my life was finally my girlfriend.

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