When I first knew I loved her

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Just a short story, about when I first knew I was in love with my best friend.

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012



I want to tell you about the time I fell in love with Janet, you've heard clips but nothing like the emotions that went on in my mind but I couldn't say aloud, I was scared of her reaction, and always wondered how she felt. I use to get these nervy feelings in my stomach, like fluttering. My heart would beat faster when I was with her. I always smiled when I was with her when we both went through are depression at the same time we comforted each other, lying on the sofa together, I use to hold her in my arms and just rock her gently side to side, she always use to say "Lewis your the bestfriend  a girl could ask for." I use to think to my self I mightbe but I want to be more then just friends I want to be your boyfriend.

Her smile would warm me up when I was cold, whenever I looked sad, she would hug me she just knew to hug me, like when we'd be sat on the couch watching corrie sometimes she would just lean over and hug me for no reason, but thats why they were the best hugs ever, she use to smile whilst hugging me, we wouldn't say anything to each other.It was the best randomest unexpecting present ever. We would do things that made us look like couples aswell I suppose, walk through the park hand in hand and when we saw like a bin, or small tree we would lift our linked arms over them and then i'd hug her from her waist behind she would nervously giggle! Also the way we could have hearts to hearts so easily and if she cried I would look at her deep into her eyes wipe the tears away and hug her close to my heart and not let go. There was obviously signs I loved her.

We always could speak to each other so open to talk about anything, problems and if anything was on are mind. Apart from the 3 words I would struggle to let out, the ones I meant the most when speaking then anything else how hard could a "Janet ....... I love you! I want to be more then friends!" How hard could that be, the answer was very I could never find the right moment, we'd joke about suff but I was always worried about her reaction, she hugged me she nearly kissed me but it was by accident when she dropped her bags, she looked into my eyes, about too kiss me, and then realised what she nearly did and hugged me instead.

I loved this wonderful beautiful girl, she was gorgeous since I first layed eyes on this Irish beauty, her honey blond messy, curly and wavy hair falling beautifully, those dreamy light blue eyes you could get lost in sea if you stared in them for too long, a beautiful complection skin tone, very light and pail , she had pail pink lips like a pink rose, she's stunning but I always questioned why would she want me ? Out of all the people she could have I knew I wouldn't be "It" for her, it would have to be some pretty perfect guy to sweep her off her feet. And then theirs me a bit off a scruffy hair style just messily quiffed up golden brown eyes pail and rather ugly, like she would want me, I did have one thing I knew she liked about me, well two, my personality and she always liked my muscles, when I had nothing to do I would go to the gym and just workout. That was one thing in my favour.

We were quite close at primary but as sad as it may sound, when her mother died and she moved in ( for those who dont know my story she isn't addopted)We became so much closer, I use to help her get through things, just little sayings to boost her confidence, she's really shy but this knocked her so bad, I was their as a shoulder to cry on for her, cheer her up when ever I could, still afraid to tell her how I felt because she was vunrable, We started hugging much more then we ever had , we lay down together and spoke about things it was easy to talk to her, she sat on my knee as we spoke away. Their was such a big attraction when looking at her and then when she spoke I basically was "done" she was so perfect. I shouldn't rush in but I was madly in love with my best friend and I had no way off telling her so maybe I had too show her...

As in my last first kiss, I explained all about that, so thats where it ends really I kissed her to show her how I felt, that was amazing but during the day, I genually didn't plan this but during the day, it felt different, we felt like we we're in a relationship when I was with her the way she smiled, it reached into my eyes, I felt something was different and attraction not just from me but maybe off her, I might be sounding totally mental but all day we fooled around so much, all the laughing, and tickling we teased each other badly, like tickiling each other around, the waist and she would smack my shoulder and say "Lewis!" in a very flirtaious way. She would hug me to say sorry for tapping me so gentally, If I say so myself I wasn't too bad about flirting, we had such laugh when we were together on that day, and choosing to kiss her was the best desicion ever for me, it brought me too my future, if I bottled it up she porbably wouldn't be mine, it's fair to say, anyone who has a best friend who is a different gender, and your attracted to them, when you go out, feel lucky to say, I'm in love with my bestfriend.





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