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a best friend's love...

___short story___

Submitted: April 21, 2010

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Submitted: April 21, 2010



They said...

you're so lucky when you have a bestfriend...

there's someone who will protect you...

someone that will make you happy...

but would you choose you're friendship for the love that you ever want???

this is the story...

I am Stephanie.

since I was in grade three in elementary,

Steve is always my classmate.

even in highschool.

and now... in college.

because our parents was really bestfriends...

One day...

"why did you join in fraternity?" i asked.

"nothing. i just want to." he answered.

"that's dangerous!"

"i know what i am doing."

After that day...

i'd never seen him in the school.

nor replied in my text messages i sent him.

so, i went to his house

but he's not there.

i missed my bestfriend soo much.

i missed Steve,

the guy i secretly love.

days passed,

he was always absent.

sometimes i talk to him...

but i feel he's avoiding me.

"what's happening to you Steve?"


"i know there is something that you never told me."

"i have nothing to told you."

"Ohh, really? so why you were always absent? Why you're always avoiding me? and why you dont reply to one of any of my messages?"

and he began to walk away from me.

i run to him.

"Steve! what is your problem?"

he faced me and said...

"can you just mind your own business? i am not even related to you.. who are you in my life?"

i felt silent to what he said.

who am i? i'm just your damn bestfriend! i said to myself.

and that ends in there..

he left.

i dont anymore sent text messages to him.

i dont anymore go to their house.

2 weeks ago...

i received news.

Steve was in the hospital.

i immediately rush to he hospital.


it's too late...

he's gone. forever.

Steve died from hazing.

that makes me so weak.

i want to die also.

i love him but it's too late..

i love him but he's gone.

his mother hugs me.

and hands me his cellphone.

"My dear, Stephanie, please read this."

the Txt messages read:

guys, dont ever touch my bestfriend Steph!

i have done evrything you want, right?

i already avoided her.

just dont touch Steph!

coz i love her!

...THE END...

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