How To Inspire.

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Submitted: May 17, 2011

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Submitted: May 17, 2011



Inspire is a word that plays around in my head daily. How do you Inspire someone? What is the best way to go about Inspiring? What can I do to Inspire not just one person, but multiple?

The real answer to all of these questions is not by simply doing something, but by doing something right in the eyes of others. In all reality, it is hard to Inspire multiple people because of their own individual views, morals, and insights on the world around them.

So the question still remains: How do you go about Inspiring people?

If you take a look at people’s heroes, they are people who have done things that are outside of the human “Norm”.

hat is the human “Norm” you ask? Humans are animals that follow each other or things such as the Government or High School Cliques. People like Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks Inspired people by stepping out of the human “Norm”, which ended up changing history. It’s no wonder that they are Heroes.

Lets face it, average people like you and me, are probably not going to get the chance to change history, but who knows?

So, what I got from these history changing people, is that being different is ok. Being different makes you Inspiring. But you have to act on being different, don’t hide it from others, Inspire people by being you and being proud of it.

In conclusion, to “Inspire” is to be you, be different, and be proud. Go on, break that human “Norm”, you might just change history. I dare you.

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