The One For Me.

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We are all searching for 'The One'

Submitted: December 18, 2010

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Submitted: December 18, 2010



I'm still looking.

I'm afraid that I'll

be looking for a

long long time.

What exactly am I

looking for?

I am looking

for The One.

The one that

will hold my hand

like he never wants

to let go.

The one that

will whisper sweet things

in my ear,

meaning every word.

The one that

will kiss me in the rain.

The one that,

when he kisses me,

everything turns to a blur

around us,

and it's only me and him,

nothing else exists in this moment.

The one that

shows me off to his friends,

even though I'm not

very much to be proud of.

The one that

will sing to me,

no matter how bad his voice is.

The one that

will be ready to

kick anyone's ass that

messes with me.

The one that

will listen to me,

when I just need to get

somthing off of my chest,

or when I just need to talk

to someone.

The one that

would hold me close in his chest

when I cry.

The one that

whispers he is in love with me

in my ear,

and means it.

The one that

loves me for me.

I guess I'm just looking

for every girls fantasy.

I'm just looking

for The One.

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