My old soul

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Submitted: January 22, 2009

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Submitted: January 22, 2009



am a 180 year old Vampire

But I have a body of a 20 year old

I've seen many Wars

I've been in most of them

So many friends have passed through the years

some of which I killed

They found out my secret and tried to stake me while i sleeped

But I got up before they could even get that piece of wood close to me

which proves you can trust no one.

I've killed my share of Vampire Hunters

They think there Big and bad

But I showed them

I blade them dry

But not before they

began begging for mercy

I couldn't stand it

It was pitiful

I did them a favor

A favor they didn't deserve

Now I've known many men

Gave them a love they never forgot

Such passion and heat they'd never known

I fed on them

But I never killed them

But there was this one man

One man whom I could not refuse

And he couldn't refuse me

Making Love to him was like being on fire

But i didn't chang him

He was already a Vampire

A damn fine one at that

He's 450 years old

No one can out do him

And no one can out do me

Together we are unstoppable

Lobelia Contres and Henry Fitzroy

© Copyright 2018 Lobelia89. All rights reserved.

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