Status: Finished


Status: Finished


Poem by: Lobelia89

Genre: Romance


Poem by: Lobelia89


Genre: Romance



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rate please


Submitted: January 22, 2009

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Submitted: January 22, 2009



When I see you

My heart Freezes with desire

It hurts to breath

When I'm around you

When I look into your eyes

Its like I'm some where else

You touch my skin

My heart slowly begins to melt

You touch my cheek

It start's pounding

I know you hear it

you kiss me then

Your quivering lips explore my skin

You hold me so tight

I cant breath

I don't care

I need you

Take me!

Take me!!

You throw me on the bed

You rip my close off

I rip your's

You jump on top of me

Your hands caress my skin

You kiss my chest

Then my neck

I feel your fangs go into me

It just Turns me on more

It make me what you more

It makes me need you more

We go at it like wild animals

You bit me again

I can feel my heart slowing

My body begins to die

you pull away and look and me

You smile

You bite your wrist

Blood trickells from it

You put it to my mouth

I bite into it I feel your blood running through my veins

Its nothing I ever felt before

You pull your wrist away

You kiss me

Then you lick the blood from my chin

I lick the blood from yours

We go at it again But this wasn't like the first time

O no not like it at all

It had more passion more more i don't know

But it just proves that Vampires are better lovers.

© Copyright 2016 Lobelia89. All rights reserved.

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