The Tango Leland

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i think leland chapman is damn sexy so i rote this poem about him

Submitted: December 07, 2008

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Submitted: December 07, 2008



I see you on the tv

think damn your fine

O how i want you Leland Chapman


to grab you

and tie you to the bed

with your hand cuffs

ripe your short

and run my hand down your sexy body

Kiss you ever so deeply

im lost with in it

as i lay on top of you

I undo one hand

it rapes around me

you hold me as tight as you can

with out causing me pain

Just kissing you as you hold me

seems so great

we haven't even done any thing

then the time comes to undo the other hand

Both your arms go around me as you turn me over

as you kiss my neck

you look up and ripe my shirt

i let out a mone

you smile

then you kiss me more deeply then ever


be for i know it we are at it like

wild dogs

I cant help but dig my nils into your back

you mone

o how that just makes me dig deeper

you don't care

you just hold me more tighter

then i grab the head board and hold grab it as tight as i can

i start screaming a little then it leads to one big scream

then you let out mone

you look in to my eyes

we both smile and start kissing

a feel my hands spread apart

then i hear a sound i look and you have handcuffed me now

you kiss me then you start at it onece more

then after that time i handcuff you thous the hold thing

which makes it more interesting when one of you are handcuffed


This is the Tango Leland

© Copyright 2019 Lobelia89. All rights reserved.

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