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Lust the sin of sexual desire for the flesh of those who are wicked. Kill these people that hate the ones they think they love the most for they will SUCK the living asshole out of you. Jazmine, A
high school student who has no control for herself goes into serious trouble with a younger student and ends up in the Devil's ways.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



 Lust the sin of desier. She moaned every night just to hear her little brother's screams. She was no dead yet but she was alive more than she ever was just to hear her brother scream in agony as she beat him with her toys. She would hit him. Desroy his soul. Anguish his spirit kill his joy. Killing her brother out of sadness due to her lust for him made her parents fear her. She was only 12. He was 5. She was ready for him. She would lick his legs every night just to hear him scream. Then he died in a terrible accident. Suicide. At such a young age. 5. She orderd him to do it. She told him. - Jonny, dont go to bed or ill make you mine. GET THAT. You little runt.- Jonny jumped off the top floor of their house and died a horrible life of sex desire and lust.


Jazmine, the lusty devil walked a life of sexuality since she was 2, for she raped her self using her father's keys in the restroom, making herself bleed out of lust. She killed her soul but lived to see another day. Jazmine now knows that its not right to do so in the eyes of God for she is a bad little girl, offering herself to anything, Dogs, Cats, birds, Love, sex, mom, dad, son, friend, girlfriend, ex girlfriend, toy, manure, and everything that exists. Love for her does not exists for she is lust on feet. She desierd nothing but desire herself. She was smart in education, smart in the streeets but dumb and iditotic for all she could love. She left it for desire. She left it for sex. She left it for the nothingness in her heart.


- Hey J, What is up, you naughty little girl.- Says her husband out of fear of her. - Nothing bitch.- SHe responded. -My husband is very handsome but yet very attrctive to women, which makes him my little bitch.- She told herself into her pussy where she could feel everything she wanted. The demon she now uses is called Hector. Her name, is Jazmine and loves him for sex. But Hector has other plans, for he really does not love her. He wants her, but she hates him for loving a woman called Freya. Hector is a humble man with the heart of a golden wolf with desire for love not sex but love, where he mistook Jazmine for her sexuality and her unloving ways. Yes she was 18 but he was 23. He did not care that her face was petite. But her body was very hot. Her hair ws golden like an ange;. Her booty was as big as his waist. For Hector was a big tall man. And Freya was a small beautiful kind hearted woman.


  They had an adopted child named Hector. He was not damned by the lustful harlot of reeds and serpents. She was the desier of Hector but she never new what love was. So she just married him out of her pussy. Her vagina. She was a woman to dream of, but not a woman to be like. Hector knew, he was always so smart of women with sexuality to its peak, and she was misjudged by Hector. One day Freya walked into class with her son which was the school, dumb fuck Jazmine went to. SHe was a freshamn still married to a detective. God knows what she did to him. Either way Jazmin looked at her and like always spred her legs like a slut just to see if she was open for business. Frey lloked away and said, no, into her own heart. Freya went over nd said, - Dont talk to my son he is only 15.-


In all her lust Jazmine said yes I will. And Freya left the room and said - I love that man.- Jazmine said, - I FUCK THAT MAN- Freya looked down and said,- Hold me down Hector, Hold Me Downnneehh- Jazmine looked dumb as always and said, - OK...- Freya then went to little Jared's house, and saw him playing with his friends, Larissa and Maria. Maria was scared of something, and Larissa was quiet. Jared was laughing in all his joy out of nothing but his joyful self. Jared's mom was laughing at the tv when no where to be stricken a sound came out of the garden. Freya found Larissa laughin by herself, Maria traumatised, and Jared was still so kindly laughing.


Back at school Jazmine eyed the teacher which was a man of 67, and looked to frail to move now. Jazmine never cared. Jazmine was desire. Then little Elliot, Freya's kid, was sitting right next to the Devil. Jazmine's pussy roared inside of her, her pussy spoke to little Elliot and said, - Hey fuck, you wanan have some sex you little runt of fucks?- No one else heard what Elliot heard and  Jazmine looked at Elliot and said, - Well what the fuck kid?- Elliot was scared, his body shambled his chair. Jazmiine's body ws ready, and let loose. She sucked on her thum  just to het exited for him. Elliot went away to the restroom and told her not to go anyewhere o she would get into trouble. - Oh My God, NO way, Ill just follow him, that sex little fuck...- And so she did, not caring like always.


In her pussy she felt desire, in her mind she felt nothing, in her heart, or at least, where a heart should be she felt disgust for everything wshe has done. Her memories came back. A man without a figure appeared to her as a little baby of 2. and said. - You are a fuck, you fucking little bitch, you deserve sex, on command, you sult, you whore, you bitch, I hate you, I want you.- She understood perfectly, her soul reacted to his lust, and forever she remained there with him. As she walked behind him, Elliot was very frightened of her body wich was very attractively hot. Jazmine looke down at her great breasts and said - Hey I remember you? Your Lustful too arent'cha?- She asked the figure without figure. - It responded, - Hey J, How are you doing you sexy little slutty bitch. You are finer than me you slut.- She laughed out loud, Elliot was scared, Jazmine then responded that she needed something for Elliot. - A good fucking memory?- The figure asked. - I want to rape him- Jasmine laughed again and Elliot hurried into the restroom and hid and cried out of the vibe of malice that appeared behind him.


- My name is Asmodeus, I am Lust.- The figure without a figure then turned into a figure with  a figure. It was a woman dressed as a man. With out a shirt. But a tie, a hat, long johns, and a pair of gloves. Beautiful breasts, and a horrible grin without meaning to her but lust.. Her eyes where yellow. Her skin was blue. Her hair was long and black. Her waist was wide and her legs where thick. - Are youu me?- Jazmine asked in curiosity, and said to her self. - OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS, I WANT YOU TO BE INSIDE ME.- Jazmine laughed and Asmodeous said. - No  more me and you from now on its just me.- The Devil laughed and sucked the souil out of her vagina. Asmodeous became Jazmine in her self. She jumped and hopped into the boys restroom and screamed with her guts and said to little Elliot. - Hey Elliot how old are you? 18? Yeah me too. Hey lets fuck here, let me have your dick you fucking slut. !- She was heard by everyone in the school. And was left for dead by little Elliot who tried to run away. - Hey!! Leave me alone you Devil!- Elliot ran through the door and Jazmine hopped towards him and grabbed him by his dick and said...


  - I will fuck you!!! OK I WILL!! FUCK YOU!!!- She pinned him down and ripped his dick off, then she mutilated him with her powrful hands. SHe moaned so hard that teachers were to afraid to ve go out to see, students where so issed off that they could not move to the moans and pledges for help and she said to herself, - Well nice meeting you Jazmine , that name is dead.-  Jazmine then proceeded to kill her own living kid that lived inside her for all these years. She proceeded the raping and killed him by dismembering his genitals. The by was dead, Elliot did not rise. And Asmodeous hopped out of school not giving a fuck and later on in life was never found yet. Hoector knew this girl, she wanted him since they were kids, but hey, Hector got to her, and she completley lost control of her soul and killed her Loved ones, kid. Hector never bothered looking for Jazmine. She looked for him, But she was always under a bad control called lust. Asmodeous the LUSTFUL sin.

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