The rules have always been there. They were a part of life, in place to keep us safe. Or rather, in place to keep the upper class safe, and the undesirables far, far away. Now, the death of a
powerful vampire lord and civil rights activist has dredged up questions the government would rather not answer. The task falls in the hands of the unwanted to solve a murder and bring down a
corrupt system before more innocent blood is shed.

Table of Contents

The Death

And so it begins, my first multi-chapter story. I've been planning this for ages and have most of it finished already. The idea was a fantasy story with real-world problems. There's a lot of
darkness in the world today, and I really wanted to try to touch on that as I usually like to avoid it in my stories. Happy reading friends!
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The Victims

Each of these chapters will ultimately focus on a slightly different aspect of life for our lovely characters lives.
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The Plague Rat and the Abomination

I'd like to thank anyone who's decided to read this story, it means the world to me. I'd love some interaction from you all and I hope you enjoy!
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Interlude: The Slums

This one's a wee bit short, but I wanted to save some of the bigger developments for upcoming chapters. Hope you enjoy, loves!
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The Guilty

Wow, this took ages, I'm so sorry! On the bright side, this is the longest chapter so far, which is why it took so long. There was a whole lot I wanted to cover in it, but I finally got it
finished. I hope you enjoy friends, do let me know how I'm doing so far!
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Interlude #2- Ruby

My sincerest apologies for the lack of content. I was working on a Halloween story for some time, and unfortunately have fallen quite ill. Said Halloween story will be up eventually, but for now,
here's a little background on the character Ruby.
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