Toys To Be Broken

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I'm not a toy.

Submitted: September 03, 2012

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Submitted: September 03, 2012



Treat me like a child

as if I deserve a sticker

for putting my hopeless heart out

just to watch your wall get thicker

Hold me in your arms

the way you held her too

are we just toys to be thrown away?

does this mean anything to you?

My hearts is breaking for you

as if you even care

you call her name in your sleep at night

as if I was never there

I know it’s sort of normal

for my heart to break in two

but I really thought you were different

than those others before you

Tell me that you miss me

oh, please, just feed me more

my mind can’t fathom words right now

my heart and soul are sore

So please just do it quickly

I can’t be around you much longer

I’m sorry my eyes are tearing up

but I thought that I was stronger

You finally tear out my heart

and turn to say goodbye

I promise I will always love you

to say otherwise would be a lie.

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