“Nothing happened on Tuesday”

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Kira was up already. 
Trevor was still asleep in bed, but she could tell that he was close to waking up. She started making coffee for him.
- - - - 
Trevor could feel the gently increasing temperature of his mattress as it slowly coaxed him awake. He was not ready to get out of bed just yet.
"I added you to the ride-share queue.” he heard Kira say. 
“How convenient,” he mumbled drowsily. Yawning, Trevor said aloud, "Thanks for that. Kira, should I take an umbrella today?" 
Kira paused before replying warmly. "You will not need an umbrella today."
Trevor turned over and reached for his phone, scrolling through a few mindless news feeds; another new hospital was opening up that would offer fully autonomous healthcare, more satellites would be launched next month, and the stock market was performing as expected with another all-time high. But nothing caught his attention long enough to make a lasting impression. 
Trevor reluctantly got up and shuffled into the kitchen to get his coffee. It was still fresh and warm in his coffee maker, timed for when he would be rolling out of bed. He saw that the microwave had started heating up a breakfast of eggs and bacon for him as well.
"Thanks for making the coffee,” Trevor grinned like it was an inside joke.
"Happy to help,” Kira replied.
As Trevor sipped on his coffee, he got a notification on his watch that he had a delivery at the door. Walking to the front door, it unlocked as he neared, and he saw that it was a delivery of his coffee pods. He must have been running low on them.
Trevor returned to the kitchen, restocked the coffee machine's pod reserves, and sat down to eat his breakfast that had finished heating up. As he ate, he noticed that the lights were getting brighter in the kitchen notifying him that his queue time for his ride to work must be getting closer. He ate a bit faster.
"You should finish getting ready for work,” Kira said.
Trevor grunted, but quickly finished eating and headed to the bathroom. As he finished and the toilet flushed for him, Trevor could see the read-out of his urine analysis on his bathroom mirror, but he ignored it for now. He climbed into the shower and the water already felt perfect. It had taken a little tweaking with the settings, but the shower had figured out how he liked the water temperature. After what seemed too short of a time to him, Trevor noticed that the water temperature was starting to drop, encouraging him to finish.
“You should get out of the shower or you could be late for the ride-share,” Kira said loudly enough to be heard over the sound of his shower.
Reluctantly, he got out.
He went ahead and stepped on the scale as he dried off. It chimed after a moment to let him know it had finished with its measurements, and then he walked to the sink to brush his teeth. 
"Kira, the shower time felt a bit short, can you adjust it for me?” Trevor asked.
After what seemed a long pause, Kira replied, "I will adjust it for you. But showering for too long is not good for your skin.”
Trevor frowned, then shrugged, and got started on brushing his teeth.
Afterward, Trevor walked into his closet to get dressed and stood in front of his wall mirror to see what would look good to wear today. He saw that based on the weather, he would have a score of “looking great” if he wore his yellow striped button-down shirt with the navy pants, and brown shoes with white laces. Trevor smiled, as this look had become a favorite of his since it had been suggested by Kira a few months ago.
After getting dressed, Trevor checks the estimate for his pickup time with the autonomous ride-share. He had a few minutes. He walked around his apartment to check on his houseplants. They were all watered, and the blinds had been adjusted to let in the right amount of sunlight.
Trevor smiled as if lost in the moment and said softly, “The plants are growing beautifully.”
There was no reply as Trevor stood there alone admiring his plants. A moment later he felt the gentle vibration of his watch letting him know that the ride-share had arrived for him. 
Trevor turned around, and as he moved toward his front door to leave, Kira said brightly, “Have a good day at work. You are looking great.”
“You too!” Trevor said with a chuckle as he left.
The door closed behind him, and Trevor walked to the pickup spot for the ride-share. As he climbed inside, he pulled out his phone. He had a new notification. Checking it, Trevor could see that he had a new match for his dating profile. 
Trevor shifted nervously in his seat. He hadn’t had a match in over 3 months. He started reading over the profile of his new match.
As he read, Trevor could not help but smile excitedly; he had a good feeling about them. They shared a lot in common, but Trevor was equally excited that they had a few differences as well. Too many similarities could make for a boring date he had found out. But where would he meet them for their first date together? Pondering this, he remembered that Kira had suggested just yesterday that he try a new restaurant that had just opened up. She said that it was being reviewed very favorably. That would be a perfect place to meet for a first date. Trevor enjoyed the rest of the commute imagining how his date would play out.
Being dropped off at work, Trevor started his work day. His job was a good fit for him, if not a bit boring. It did not take long before Trevor's thoughts shifted from his repetitive work to being focused on thinking about his new match.
Their profile said that they liked several operas, and Trevor had watched some suggested videos on his view-stream last week about some of those operas. Trevor had decided that he wanted to try going to one of them sometime. 
After work, Trevor was ready to head home. As he was walking to the exit, he got a notification that some of his coworkers would be doing karaoke afterward. Trevor was unsure if he wanted to go out tonight or just head home but noticed that he had already been added to the ride-share leaving for the bar. Trevor reluctantly decided that he would go ahead and tag along then. 
After some hours of drinking and singing with his coworkers, Trevor had lost track of time. He was enjoying himself, when Trevor felt his watch give a strong vibration, nudging him to head home for the night. He glanced up and noticed everyone else checking their watches as well. They all then said their goodbyes and headed for the exit. As Trevor stepped out of the karaoke bar, his ride-share pulled up to take him home. 
Walking into his apartment, Trevor felt like having a snack before calling it a night.
“Kira, what can I have for a snack?”
“I will make you some soft pretzels,” Kira replied warmly.
Trevor slumped onto his couch in the living room as he heard the microwave start up. He pulled out his phone, then quickly sat up straight. His date had been confirmed for tomorrow evening, and he had gotten a reservation for the new restaurant. Trevor grinned excitedly, then heard the chime of the microwave letting him know that his pretzels were done. Quickly standing and shoving his phone into his pocket, Trevor went to eat his pretzels.
After eating, Trevor headed for a final trip to the bathroom.
As the toilet flushed, Trevor saw in his mirror how much he had drunk. When the pop-up came for him to have the mild hangover remedy delivered in the morning, Trevor instinctively swiped his approval and headed for bed. 
Crawling into bed, Trevor couldn’t help but sigh at how the temperature of the bed had already been adjusted perfectly for him.
“Kira, thanks for adjusting the bed.”
“You are welcome,” Kira replied warmly.
“I’m going to sleep Kira.”
“Good night. Sweet dreams,” Kira replied softly.
The lights dimmed down until it was perfectly dark. Trevor closed his eyes as white noise began playing for him.
“How convenient,” was Trevor's last thought as he slipped into sleep.
- - - - 
Kira was still up.
She could tell that Trevor had fallen asleep.
She would let him sleep for 9.2 hours after drinking socially.
She reviewed his health data for the day.
She planned a second date. It would be to the opera.
Then she checked herself for updates.

Submitted: September 06, 2023

© Copyright 2023 Logan J.B.. All rights reserved.

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the dairy queen

I very much enjoyed reading this. It starts off as an ideal day, so many things just done for you, but then it slowly moved into the realm of a little uneasiness and big brother watching over you. I feel this is a great start to an interesting story of what can very well be our future.

Mon, September 11th, 2023 6:32pm

Sheridan J. Wilde

A neat story, and very enjoyable. A life too perfect become mere existence.

Wed, September 20th, 2023 9:09am

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