The Legend of the Dragonborn

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This short story is about a legend that many people didn't know still exist. This is the story about ending one dragon that can destroy the whole world. The will be hard and difficult, but he must believe that he can beat all that stand in his way.

Submitted: March 22, 2016

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Submitted: March 22, 2016



“This is the legendary armor and weapons that your ancestors have worn in the past to destroy the dragons,” said the old man. I still looked at him, confused about what he was saying.

“What do you mean by ‘your ancestors’?” I asked.

“I mean that you are not human; you are god-like. You can do more than any other human can do. You have much more strength than any other human. You fight harder, live longer, swing faster.What I am trying to say is that you are special.”

“I am?” I asked.

“Yes, you are,” he said. I look at the armor and the weapons. I wondered if I am truly special enough to wear this armor and wield these weapons. I grabbed the armor and put it on. It was light, but it had many layers of the same rough, scaly skin that covered the light armor, and this weapons was also very light. The weapons were made from a strong metal. I don’t think that this metal can break or rust. This metal is extremely rare and I have never seen its kind before.

“This metal was made from dragon bones and this armor was made from dragon scales and bone,” said the old man.

“What? I thought that the dragons were killed and that they were gone,” I said with shock.

“They were, but they were around for some time. They had ruled the land with their numbers. But we slaughtered them -- all of them. Then we made special armor from their bones and scales, and the sword from dragon bones,” Said the old man.

“Who is we? How come you did not make any more?” I questioned.

“We are the Blades. We have been trained to kill dragons. It was also our job. The Dragonborn fought with us because only he or she could make sure the dragon was dead. The Dragonborn absorbed the dragon's soul. We didn’t make anymore because we made a decision that only the best of the Blades and the Dragonborn were aloud to wear this armor.”

“And you think that I am the Dragonborn?” I asked.

“You have have to be. For only the Dragonborn can hold Dragonbane and not be consumed by the power and not be weighed down by the weapon and the dragon armor . The rest of the Blades used the same sword. But this sword, the one you are holding now, is especially for killing dragons. It was especially for the Dragonborn.”

“So … what you're saying is…”

“Yes, you must kill all of the dragons and devour their souls. You must also find out how they have been coming back to life for they have been dead for thousands of years.”

“I will,” I said as I was leaving the old man to kill the dragons.

10 years later…

I have been killing the dragons for 10 years now. Yet they continue to come into the cities that I visit , places I go, and even follow when I am trying to get to the next city to sleep. These dragons are coming back to life but I don’t know who is doing it or why. I have gotten used to my armor and the Dragonbane sword that the old man gave me. I haven’t seen him since I left him in the ruins of that temple. I didn’t think that it would take this long to find out who is bringing these dragons back to life. I don’t know if the old man is even still alive. I can only hope he is because I want to return to him to thank him for the armor and the sword. Also, hopefully I can find out where the person, the one who is bringing these dragons back to life, is soon because my body is starting to ache. I now heard a loud roar.I know this is the sound of a dragon. Then, the dragon lands in front of me. I drawed Dragonbane, but  I make sure that the dragon could not see. The, the dragon stares at me, staring at with those big yellow eyes. “Our master is getting extremely mad at the people who are killing his brothers and sisters,” said the dragon in a deep, low voice.

“Who is your master? Who is bringing your kind back to life?” I asked the dragon, which is now staring into my eyes.

“Why do you want to know who our master is, mortal one?” asked the dragon.

I cried at the dragon, “I want to know because it is my job to get rid of your kind from existing. Your kind do not belong here; this is not a place for you!”

“Are you saying that you have been killing my masters brothers and sisters -- my brothers and sisters?” yelled the dragon. I thought he was going to attack me.

“Is your master a dragon? Or does your master have you under some type of spell?” I asked the dragon. Smoke was coming from the dragon's nose. I don’t know what he is going to do, but I know that it is not going to be good.

“My master is none of your business. My master is my brother,” Said the dragon, getting more angry with every word that comes out of my mouth.

“So he is a dragon!” I yelled.

“Yes, he is, but you won’t be able to kill nor damage him! You won’t even be able to reach him. He is too powerful for you, mortal one.”

“What you don’t know is that I am no normal human. I am the Dragonborn!” I yelled as I showed him the blade of Dragonbane. The Dragon's eyes widen, I could see the terror in the dragon’s eyes.

“How?!” screamed the dragon.

“Like I said, I am the Dragonborn. I am not just a mere mortal. I can and have absorbed your brothers and sisters souls to make sure they stay dead,” I said with a grin on my face. “Now, tell me, dragon, where is your master!?”

“The dragonborn should find him. He is everywhere that a dragon has been laid to rest. But I will make sure you won’t reach him,” said the dragon as tried to attack me. I was too fast and dodged him. At the same time, I lashed my sword at his head and got him right on the nose. The dragon screamed out in pain, but continued to attack. This was a very tough dragon, but I knew that I could take his soul. I continued to dodge and lash out attacks. The dragon was starting to get mad and it started to fly. The dragon started to bomb dive, flying right at me and breathing fire. I was only a little quicker than this dragon, but he was the fastest dragon that I have ever fought. But, as we fought, I felt eyes looking at me.

So, when the dragon was flying up, I looked around. I saw a massive dragon,staring at me fighting this smaller dragon. It was as black as night, but it was the largest dragon I had ever seen. Could that be this so called “Master”? And, if it is, then how could I dodge him? He is massive! As the smaller dragon was diving again, I threw my sword. It hit the dragon in the head. The dragon fell to the ground next to me and it didn’t move. I went over ,grabbed my sword, then I looked at the dragon that I think could be this “master” that this dragon is talking about.

The dragon and I both looked into each other eyes, and out of nowhere I heard a name -- or at least what think is a name: Alduin. Then, the dragon, or Alduin, flew away. I stood there, thinking to myself. I need to come up with a plan if I want to destroy and kill that dragon, I thought. I will also need some help from some, even though I have the Dragonbane, I don’t know if I can take down that dragon. I started to walk to Whiterun, one of the nine major cities in Skyrim.

Weeks Later

When I arrived, there were many people who were afraid of a dragon coming here. I knew that this was one popular places. As I walked through the city, it seemed to put people at ease. I walked over to the blacksmith and I asked, “Is there anyone in the city that would be willing to help fight the dragons?”

“There is nobody here at the blacksmith shop that could help you, sorry.” said the blacksmith. “But, you may ask the Jarl to see if there is anybody that he can find.” The Jarl is the man or woman that is in charge of the city. The Jarl is not in complete control though. Each Jarl listens to the high king and the high queen. The high king and high queen are decided by all nine Jarls.

“Thank you for your help.” I said as I was walking away.

“You are welcome, and please come back to buy some gear,” said the blacksmith.

I walked up to the Jarl’s palace, wondering what he could actually do for me. As I entered, many of the guards stopped me and asked me what I was doing here. I would say, “I need to see the Jarl for some help.” Then they just let me go by. When I got to him, his bodyguard stopped me -- or who I thought was his bodyguard. Then she asked, “What are you doing citizen? No one can see the Jarl right now.”

“Why can’t anybody see the Jarl?” I asked. I got a little mad that this bodyguard was preventing me from getting to the Jarl.

“No one can see the Jarl because he is trying to stop the dragon problem.” She said.

“That is what I have been trying to do too! I can help him, if he can help me,” I said. Thank the gods that I have found somebody to help me with the dragons. She took me to where the Jarl was. She stopped in front of a door.

“He is through here.” When I walked through, the body guard stood at the door, making sure nobody else could. As I approached the Jarl of Whiterun, I took the time took look around. The Jarls get to live in the best of houses and eat the best of foods. Everybody respected the Jarls, and everybody did what they could to get on the Jarl’s good side. The Jarls can appoint people to the position of Thane of the city. Thane is the next step underneath Jarl. Thanes are very special people. I can see the Jarl now. He was talking to a group of people. I am guessing they are some of the other Jarls of the other cities. But when I got closer I heard, “...we need to make a plan. We all need to protect our cities.”

“If you are talking about the dragons, I can help with that,” I said. All of the Jarls looked at me.

“I told her not to let anybody in! Now, leave before I have the guards though you in jail!” said one of the Jarls. He was extremely mad.

“Hang on, now. Hear me out. Once I tell you who I am and what I want to do, you will want my help, I said. Why are they so mad?

“We don’t want your help! What can a citizen like you do to help us?” asked the only female Jarlin in the room. I am sure that she was the Jarl of Solitude.

“You will need my help because I am the Dragonborn. And here’s my proof.” I took Dragonbane out of the sheath and showed them the blade. They look at with astonishment.

“I … I am sorry. If I knew that you were the Dragonborn, I wouldn’t have been as rude with what I said. Please, forgive me, Dragonborn,” Said the Jarl of Solitude.

“It is alright. I accept your apology.” I said. I could tell that she was embarrassed so I said nothing else to her.

“Well then, what is it that you want, Dragonborn?” asked the Whiterun Jarl.

“I was told that you all wanted the dragons gone. So, if one of you can make sure that the you can trap one called Alduin, then I can help. He is the biggest one of them all. I think he is the leader of them. He is the one who is bringing them back.” I explained. They all looked at me except for one: the Jarl of Windhelm.

He said, “No, it can’t be true. He can’t come back.” Everybody turned and looked at him. Nobody knew what was up with him,but he was scared. That much was clear.

“What are talking about? Are you ok?” asked the Jarl of Riften.

“No. I’m not, and nor is anybody if we can’t come up with a plan to end his life. He can’t live on Skyrim for long!”

“Why?” I asked. What is up with him? I have never seen anybody act like this.

“You don’t know the legend of Alduin. None of you do,” said the Jarl.

“Then tell us.” I said. Everybody looked at me, then looked at him.

“Alduin was also known as the world eater by my people. He has killed many and brought many of the dragons back to life. They all are commanded by the world eater. He brings them back by giving them souls that he has devoured -- man, animal, or dragon. He gives them the kind of soul that fits the dragon. If the dragon was weak, he gives them a small soul. But if he thinks that the dragon may be of use to him, he gives the dragon a bigger soul. When he first appeared, he was no danger. He took control when he reached his peak age. Then, all dragons tried to overtake him, but he killed and absorbed all of their souls. My people banished him to the future, but they had no idea at what point in time he would be back. They even thought that he was destroyed. But, apparently, he wasn’t. So, there is the short story.”

“Then what we are facing isn’t just a strong dragon, but the strongest dragon to ever live,” Said the Jarl of Falkreath.

“That is why we need to come up with a plan. If we don’t, then everybody that we know and everybody in the cities can be in trouble,” I said. I knew that the Jarls will worry about their people more than anything else. We came up with a plan. We would call a dragon, trap it, and demand it to summon Alduin. Once that happens, we are going to trap Alduin and make him surrender the souls, or we will kill him. The Jarls didn’t like the idea of Alduin only being trapped. They want Alduin to be killed no matter what. They thought he should suffer for his deeds. , But I change their minds. I convince them  that we shouldn’t kill Alduin. At least, not at first. We all decide that we need to get information from Alduin. We need to understand why he is bringing the dragons back to life.

We set the trap and now all we had to do was lure a dragon here. It didn’t take long, though. The dragon came to Whiterun with lightning speed and walked into a place called Dragonsreach. Its purpose was to trap dragons. The dragon, as red as blood, with evil bloodshot eyes, came storming in, breathing fire. I said, “Activate it NOW!” Then, one of the guards pulled the chain and a collar, barely big enough for a dragon, fell on the dragon’s neck. The dragon screamed and thrashed its head around, trying to get out or to break the holder. The dragon finally gave up and looked at me.

“What is it that you want, Dragonborn?” asked the dragon. His voice was gentle, but deep, as if his mouth was dry.

“I want to know where Alduin is. I made sure that these people didn’t kill you because we need information from you. But, if you don’t tell me, then I can not hold them back. Now, I am only going to ask you this once, and only once:where is Alduin?” I was no longer afraid of the dragon, and the dragon knew that. So, I know that the dragon will not attack me, but, as for everybody else, I could not say. Everybody was shaking at the sight of the dragon.

“Alduin is at a place only a Dovah or a dragon, in your language, can reach,” said the dragon.

“What are you talking about?” I asked. I had no idea where that could be. Was he talking about a mountain, or is there some place that even man has not discovered?

“You might be Dovahkiin, Dragonborn, but there is a place that neither man nor you can reach. Only one with wings can reach it,” Said the dragon. He knew that I was confused, but I made sure that I didn’t lose my temper.

“What is that place called?” I asked.

“Sauvegarde,” He said.

“What? How did he get there?” asked the Jarl of Whiterun. Everybody stopped looking at the dragon and turned to see what was going on with the Jarl.

“What are you saying?” asked the Jarl of Riften.

“Sauvegarde is where my people go when they pass on. It is the sanctuary of my people. No mortal, Dragonborn, or dragon has ever been there alive. Only the dead are allowed to pass through to it,” He said.

“So, what you are saying is that we can’t pass through it unless we are dead? Well, how are we going to do that?”

“No. A mortal can go through to Sauvegarde. It is just that you need to learn the word to go there. You, Dovahkiin, need to learn the ancient dragon word to go there,” Said the dragon. Everybody turned back around as if they forgot the dragon was there.

“Can’t you teach me the word? You're a dragon and you speak the language. Why can’t teach me it?” I asked.

“Only the strongest dragons were given the word, so I do not know. I am sorry, Dovahkiin.”

“Well then, who can teach me?” I asked. I was clutching my fist, making sure that nobody could see it. As I said that, another dragon, the same size, if not bigger than Alduin, came flying in.

“I can teach you the word, Dragonborn. I am Paarthurnax, and I am the oldest dragon herein the world and I know all of the words,” Said the dragon, or Paarthurnax, as it called itself.

“How did you find me?” I asked. I was not scared of the dragon, but I was surprised to see one appear out of nowhere. I was amazed at it. I had never seen one like this. It was completed with white scales and with black spikes coming from the spine of the dragon. The horns were as thick as tree trunks and as long as a tree.

“I was sworn to protect the dragonborn and tell him everything he or she needs to know. I know everything that was ever come to the dragons, from when we started, to our present day. I know it all.” Said Paarthurnax. “I found you because I can sense the dragonborn. It may have taken time, but I knew that I would find you,” Said Paarthurnax.

“Then, please teach me the word that I need to know to travel to Sauvegarde,” I begged.

“I will give you the word, but I will take you there first so that I know that you go through to it safely,” Said Paarthurnax. He taught me the word, then I climbed on his neck. His scales were as cold as ice. He walked towards the hole he had entered from and, as fast as lightning, he took off. He may be old, but he is fast! He is faster than the dragon I fought weeks before.

It took us many hours to get to the place that the Jarl of Whiterun called Sauvegarde. Suddenly he said, “I can only take you so far. This is your quest, Dragonborn. This was your legacy to end him.”

“Why is it me? Why didn’t the Dragonborn before me or before him or her do it?” I asked Paarthurnax.

“It must be you because the others weren’t strong enough for the task. Also, they didn’t have the special ability that you have,” Said Paarthurnax. What does he mean by “special ability”?

“What do you mean by that? I thought that all of the Dragonborns had the same abilities,” I said. What ability could I have that the others didn’t?

“Only you were able to see Alduin and tell people about him. Only you were able see me without being scared. You are not afraid of dragons, dovahkiin. You want to understand them,” said Paarthurnax.

“But isn't my job to kill all of the dragons -- not to let them live and have me understand them?” I asked. His scales are not as cold as before, but the wind makes it hard to see with an icey rush.

“Yes that is what you have been told. But the real questions is to ask yourself: Do you want to kill all of the dragons? This is one that many of the dovahkiin could not answer, but you can,” Said Paarthurnax. I fell silent, thinking to myself on what Paarthurnax had just told me. So, I am special even among the Dragonborns? But, why me? Why wasn't the dragonborn after me or before me?

He landed in an open field and said, “This is as far as I can take you. Be well and stay safe, Dragonborn.”

“Thank you, Paarthurnax,” I said. Then he flew away. I heard a loud, unnerving scream come from my right. As usual, I ran towards it. I saw Alduin again flying above the screams. I stop because Alduin is breathing fire that I feel from  miles away. I snapped out of it and ran towards the people, or spirits, since they are dead. Alduin looked at me and asked, “How did you get here?” Alduin looked scared in his bloodshot eyes.

“I have to thank Paarthurnax for bring me here. Also, he taught me the word to travel here,” I said. Alduin looked around, as if trying to find Paarthurnax.

“Why did he do that?! He must serve under me. I am the ruler now. Not him, me!” said Alduin. He was getting more angry by the second and he was ready to attack.

“Well then, I guess you are being overthrown. Now, leave Savengrade at once and let the dead be, or I will kill you,” I said as I drew Dragonbane. I already knew his answer. He jumped in the air and started to fly. I ran towards him, trying to catch him before he could get away.  But when I got there, he was already in the air flying around. “You can never kill me, Dragonborn,” Screamed Alduin. He is very confident in his own ability, but so am I. He is flying over to another village! I have to stop him. But then, multiple arrows came and pierced Alduin's wing. He screamed with rage and pain, then he started to breath fire everywhere. I turned around, trying to figure out who shot the arrow. I saw behind me a group of one of the oldest and strongest warriors that had walked on Skyrim.

“This beast is attacking our home! We must defend our home and land! For Savengrade!” Said the best archer in Savengrade. “You can lead us Dragonborn. For you are always welcome in Savengrade.” He said.

“Thank you,” I said. Then, as one, some of the group ran towards the dragon, while the rest stayed and continued to fire arrows at the beast. I ran towards Alduin, leading the group of soldiers to kill the beast. Alduin turned.I was facing the group, he flew towards the ground and started to attack the group. The group started to surrounded Alduin, making sure that he couldn’t kill all of them in one attack. Some of the men ran forward and started to slash Alduin. He howled out inpain and hit them with his tail, making them fly away from him. He looked at me and then I said, “Stand down men. This is between me and him.” Everyone backed off as I started to approach. Alduin tried to get around me, but I turned with him so that we would fight face to face. He lashed with his head and shot a fireball at me. I dodged it, but I could feel the heat that came off of the shot. I ran towards him and jumped on him, grabbing his horn for control. He tried to throw me off, but I had a firm grip on the horn. I lashed out with my sword and caught him in the eye. Then he threw me off. He tried to stomp on me, but I moved just in time. Then he attacked with his tail and got me in the gut. I wailed out in pain, but got to my feet to continue fighting. He came at me with a massive amount of power and speed, but I side stepped and jabbed my sword in his skull. He whipped his head up, and took me with him. I almost went flying. When he put his head back to the ground I took my sword out of his skull, then I jumped on top of him. I jabbed my sword down into his skull again to give it the killing blow. He was finally killed and Skyrim and Savengrade are now safe from the dragons. Everybody in Savengrade cheered and rejoiced that Alduin was finally slained. Everyone was running around, helping the wounded. The kids started to play in the grass and fields. The men went to their wives and gave them hugs. I stayed where I was and looked at Alduin, knowing that I had done what I had set out to do.

“What are you going to do now?” asked a man.

“I don’t know,” I whispered, “I spent so long killing the dragons that I don’t know what to do after I killed them. I never thought that far.”

“Well you are always welcomed to Savengrade.” said the man. Then he bowed and said something that I could not hear, and walked away.

I went back to Skyrim where everyone was happy and celebrating. I guess I am supposed to celebrate too. But should I? I thought. I decide to go back to the Jarl and see what he has to say. I came in when he was having a feast and people were eating very expensive food. I walked in and he stood up and got on one knee and exclaimed, “The Dragonborn has return to the city and has succeeded on his quest to end the dragons. For that, I am grateful and you are welcome in any of the nine holds.”

“Thank you,” I said. Then he went back to his seat and started to feast on the food. I left the room and walked back to the place that the old man had given me the armor and the sword. When I got there, the old man's body was on a bed that had been there for many years. I said, “Thank you, old man, for all that you have done for me.” Then I hung the armor up on a mannequin and put Dragonbane in its sheath and put it in a chest. I stayed there for awhile. Then, before leaving, I said, “This will be called Sky Haven Temple, for now, and forever, for the future Dragonborn!” Then I left the old man to rest in peace. Now, I will live a normal life. No more dragons, no more fighting. I will let the guards handle it. I will only get involved if necessary. I thought to myself and then went to Whiterun to live a normal life, as if I had never seen a dragon. I wish I could forget them all, I thought to myself as I walked away from the place, putting many memories away. Now, I can live a normal life with a wife and kids, maybe pets. No longer do I have to worry about putting people in danger.


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