the long day

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two guys are locking up a cell block and telling stories

Submitted: January 21, 2015

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Submitted: January 21, 2015




“So, Jeff. What are you doing?”  Steve exclaimed after running up to Jeff in cell block P.

“Just locking up a block of all the crazies” said Jeff calmly as he checked the lock on a maximum security door.

“Who’s in there?”

“Unknown real name, calls herself “Cinderella”. Husband, father, mother, stepmother, and stepsisters all dead due to many different causes.”


“All deaths linked to her. She also might have been doing some sort of drugs due to the fact that she talks about dresses made by mice, pumpkin horse carriages, flying witches, and said mice turning into horses to pull the carriages. You know, normal stuff like that.”

“Oh, cool” Steve fearfully said. “What about this one!”

“Oh, Aurora, yes she frequently falls in and out of comas.”


“I’m getting to that.”

“Fine, geez”

“We found some traces of drugs on her, at first we thought that she was the one doing a little bit but tests showed that she has done so many that we are actually scared to take her .”

“Ok, what else.”

“Here, just read this.” Jeff calmly said as he handed Steve a folder that had neatly stamped on,” ALL PRISONERS IN CELL BLOCK P.”

“Ok, I’ll just read through twelve pages of prisoner reports.”


“WOW, ok, meanie.”

“Just read it and stop asking dumb questions.”

Steve read the documents, and what he saw was this:

Doctor’s report: Merida

“The subject told me the same story again as if I had never heard it before this is the story that I may reference in past and future:” “ I found a which to change my fate she gave me a special pie was crafted in order to change my mother. But suddenly after eating the pie my mother and brothers turned into bears. Then, my father tried to kill my mother so I was forced to smite him with my bow and arrow where he stood. After that my mother and brothers began to attack me, so I had to do the same to them as I did to my father.”

“This is the official police story”; 10:36 P.M. the neighbors of the suspect reported screaming and yelling from apt. #1470. We prepared a warrant of arrest of any and all suspects on the scene. Upon arrival we were greeted by a barrage of arrows and some teenager screaming about bears. After a quick shootout, she fell into unconsciousness. We found doctoral reports usable as evidence that the girl suffered from extreme hallucinations.

“Just read one about a girl who thought that her family was a bunch of bears.” Steve announced to Jeff.

“Oh, yea, Merida?” Jeff asked Steve.




“WHAT WHO, oh, no that’s Rapunzel.”


“She’s only here for five years on account of first degree manslaughter.”

“Sure, that makes me sleep easier at night.”

“She is the one who has been painting all the stuff in the yard.”

“Cool, I guess.”

“She’s also been teaching art to the other prisoners.”

“Well, alright then.”

“All cells locked up for the night, man today was a long day.”

“Ok, goodbye.”

“Goodnight, Jeff.”

“Goodnight, Steve”

Then Steve and Jeff got in their cars and drove to their apartments and went to bed, nope they played online video games.

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the long day

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