The Magical White Pinecone Petunia

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Sir Martin Flagenharten III is creating a potion and needs Austin Bailey's help to retrieve the final element.

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



One day, Sir Martin Flagenharten III was attempting to make to make a teddy bear come to life. He had created a potion with many elements, but he was missing one, a sacred flower from Eastern Honduras called the Magical White Pinecone Petunia. He needed it by week’s end --if the potion were to survive, so he sent his servant Austin Bailey to retrieve it. Now, Austin Bailey was a rather awkward young lad, he was too nervous to ask for directions because whenever he tried to talk to someone they simply walked away.

As Austin walked he thought of Madam Nic Sand, Austin thought very fondly of this young woman. She always accessorized with a different umbrella every day. Austin decided to get her to help him find the Magical White Pinecone Petunia.

Meanwhile, Sir Martin Flagenharten III was in his manor with a flashlight, due to the power failure, looking for his pet chinchilla he loved so dearly.

Back in Northeastern Mexico, Austin and Nic had been traveling for days. As they reached Central Mexico, they got tired and called for a two-legged giant flying purple platypus to fly them the rest of the way there. When they got there they searched for the Magical White Pinecone Petunia. They looked for hours without success. Nic got very inpatient and decided to ask for help. She found an old lady next to a short hill.

“Excuse me mam, do you know where to find the Magical White Pinecone Petunia?” Nic asked.

“Of course I do, I’ve lived here for over 60 years, follow me.” She replied.

So Madam Nic Sand left Austin and followed the old lady in search for the flower. They walked east about two hours before they stopped. They were next to a giant tree with all kinds of different leaves, surrounding it was millions of flowers.

“Now all you have to do is go to the tree and ask for the flower, but you must have the purest heart in all the land or you will become a flower.” The old lady said.

Frightened Nic walked up to the tree –the tree spoke.

“There is a purer heart in all the land; you are now a flower at my left-hand.” The tree said.

Then all of a sudden –poof, Nic was a flower right next to the tree.

While this was happening, Austin had begun to follow the old lady and Nic. When he arrived he saw the old lady eating raspberries next to a giant tree surrounded by flowers. Although Austin was afraid of talking to people, he knew what he had to do. He walked up to the old lady and asked her where Nic had gone.

“He is a flower now,” she replied, “the only ways to save her is to go up to the tree and ask for her flower, but remember, you can only pick one flower –either Nic or the Magical White Pinecone Petunia.” Nervous, Austin walked up to the tree.

“You have the purest heart in all the land; tell me which flower you want in your hand.” The tree said.

“I want…” Austin paused, “the flower Nic is in.”

Than in an instant Nic appeared next to him. Nic thanked Austin for saving her. Later that night, Austin and Nic prepared to face Austin’s master. When they arrived at his manor, Austin told Sir Martin Flagenharten III what had happened. He was so upset that he banished Austin and his friend from his manor, but before Austin left he hugged the teddy bear. All of a sudden the teddy bear came to life. The bear was so mad that Sir Martin Flagenharten III banished Austin that the bear killed him. Then Nic, Austin, and the bear lived happily ever after.

By: Logan Jahnke

© Copyright 2018 loganjahnke. All rights reserved.

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