The Stainless Steel Mountain

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The evil Jerry Harmon kidnaps Logan Jahnke. What will happen?

Submitted: May 22, 2011

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Submitted: May 22, 2011



One day, the evil Jerry Harmon decided to make an evil plan that will cause something very important of Chris Wilson, an arch-rival from high school, disappear. Chris Wilson was a 14 year old boy from Warner Robins, Georgia. He has short dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and tan skin.

Chris was hanging out with his best friend Logan Jahnke when all of a sudden Jerry Harmon, wearing a white tuxedo with a purple cloth cape, captured Logan and took him to his evil lair. Chris didn't know what to do so he called his friend Sam Fisher for help.

"I know someone that can help," Sam proclaimed, "his name is Mystery Man and his wife Marvelous Wonder."

"Who are they?" Chris asked. "Nobody knows, but they won't help you unless you bring a gallon of rotten milk and a piece of the stainless steel diamond from Southern Africa." Sam explained.

"Does anyone know where these stainless steel diamonds are?" Chris asked.

"Travis Roye, he knows, he will guide you there." he answered.

So Chris went off to look for Travis. He had an idea of where to look, Google Maps. After searching for Travis on Maps he went to his house and asked him to bring him to the location of the stainless steel diamonds.

"I will do it, but you must train," he said, "The stainless steel mountain is a very dangerous place."

"How do I train for something like that?" Chris asked.

"Drumming is the key to your problem." Travis stated.

After 18 days of vigorous tenor drum practice, Travis brought him the mountain.

"Once inside the mountain you must have a drum-off with the mountain. If you win, you get a piece of the stainless steel diamond, but if you lose, you will become a stainless steel diamond." Travis urged.

Chris began to become nervous. When they arrived, he got his tenor drums and entered the mountains opening. The mountain played his Cadence, it was good. Chris then played his Cadence, it sounded amazing. He won. The mountain then dropped a stainless steel diamond into his hands. Travis and Chris then went back home to save Logan. When Chris returned, he rushed to Mystery Man and Marvelous Wonder’s house and gave them the rotten milk and stainless steel diamond.

"Why did you bring us this?" they asked.

"Sam Fisher said you will only help people if you bring them a gallon of rotten milk and a piece of the stainless steel diamond." Chris argued.

"Sam Fisher is the evil sidekick of Jerry Harmon!" they exclaimed.

So Chris realizing that this whole trip to the mountain was a waste of time said, "Well I still need to save Logan."

The two heroes agreed to help Chris rescue Logan. The two heroes ran to Jerry's evil lair and knocked down the door. Mystery Man then violently attacked Jerry while Marvelous Wonder fought Sam. While this was happening, Chris got the prison key and opened the locked prison cell rescuing Logan. So both Logan and Chris walked home, forgetting to tell the two heroes to stop fighting. As soon as they reached their houses, the rumor spread that Logan had been saved by Chris. So Mark Martinez, reporter for 13 WMAZ, interviewed him. He asked questions like, "How did it feel to beat the mountain?" and "How long did you spend on practicing your tenors?” He answered the many questions and went home. He then lived happily ever after... or so he thought. (To be continued?)

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