What is Anger

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What do we think anger is?

Submitted: May 26, 2015

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Submitted: May 26, 2015



What is Anger? Is anger when we get mad at a friend for ditching out? Is it when you mom tells you to do something that you dont want to? Or is it when a driver cuts you off and you get road rage. Why do we get mad? Some people have triggers that set them off like a guy at a coffee shop, purposly pouring his coffee slow. So slow were you could take the pot and smash it over his fucking skull and watch him bleed out on the floor. Why does that make us mad? How come we cant have enough patience to let that guy pour his coffee. Real anger comes from the heart. If people do not have a strong enough heart then all hell can break lose. 

Jonah, an only child. Witnessing his parents diviorce at the age of fourteen. His mom has got a new boyfriend in the picture already. Jonah isnt really adapting to well to his new dad figure. One night, Jonahs step dad comes home drunk from a night out. His mom and step dad exchange a few words then it leads to a swift punch from the step-father to the mother. Jonah in shock and so anger he decides to grab a .44 from under his bed that his dad has left. 

Does anger cause us to do stupid decisions? Or does anger bring out survival instict in us? 

Jonah pulls the gun on his step dad, and drunk the man says "Go ahead you little bitch, pull the fucking trigger. You're just like your father, you dont have the stones" Eyes closed, Jonah pulls the trigger. With a quick POP, jonah looks at the man. Walls painted red. Mother in tears. Jonah knows what he did. He's not sorry for it either. Jonahs face is beat red.

THe police show up at Jonahs house and arrest him. The polce man questions Jonah and he tells him the truth. The cop takes him to the jail but the officer mutters a coupe of words to jonah. He says, "i would of done the same thing kid".

Now i ask you. Jonah obviously did this out of anger but was a morally right decision.

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