Baby Steps to Forever

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Alexander Pratt and Emily Crave have been best friends forever. Emily has always been a little crazy and a lot boy crazy and Alexander, well he's just been crazy for her. What happens when their world of little yellow duckies, boy cooties, and happy six year olds is crashed with reality?

You A-typical best friends - a dedication to all those boys who play the 'best friend' role for us girls & to mine, i dont know what I'd do with you man

Submitted: August 14, 2012

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Submitted: August 14, 2012



“Alex, help me! You got me up here in the first place. Get me down!” 6 year old Emily screeched from a branch in the tree.

Alex stared up at Emily his mouth slightly hanging open in disbelief. Okay, so he had dared her to go up there, but he never thought she would go up and get stuck. She was a girl! Girls were weak; they weren’t supposed to be able to climb trees!

“Erm...” Alex sputtered embarrassingly still gaping up at Emily who had gone from screeching to crying.

Once Alex spotted the tears in little Emily’s big brown eyes he hollered at the top of his lungs for help...



“Alex, stop being a loser just get over here will you?” Emily snapped into the phone.

“Alright, alright, sheesh you’re cranky.” Alex muttered yanking the zipper on his jacket up and grabbing his worn grey beanie.

All he got in reply was the dial tone of his phone.

Alex stalked down the street glancing up at the dark grey clouds filling the sky. He tried to remember when Emily had started to become so moody. Not when she was a little girl playing in his back yard, fascinated with the colour pink and little yellow duckies. Nor was it at 10 when she was torn between boys having cooties and Alex being her best friend... but in the end coming to the conclusion that it was cooties which were unacceptable.

Not at 16, she was like a constant rollercoaster ride, dragging him up and down with incredible force. Oh wait, it was at 16 when she began to do that.

Alex rapped on her front door lightly to have it opened and reveal Emily’s mother on the other side.

“Hello Alex darling, come on in, Em is just up in her room.” She smiled.

“Thanks Mrs. Crave.” He flashed a quick smile before climbing up the stairs.

“Em? It’s me, I’m here.” He pushed open the door.

“Do I look hot?” She questioned spinning around to face him.

Alex’s breath caught in his throat as he tried to break his gaze away from raking up and down Emily’s body.

She wore a tight black high waisted skirt over a bright pink top, with a plunging neck line. Her legs looked long and smooth ending in a pair of classic sexy black pumps.

Shit. Shit shit. She had to be wearing a push up bra with that shirt.

“Umm.. “ Alex tore his gaze away from her body.

“Is that what you called me over here for?” He questioned narrowing his icy blue eyes at her.

“Well... it’s just Cameron said, I looked to LG, which is why he couldn’t ever take me seriously to go out with me and I just had to y’know grow up a little... so that’s what I’m doing!” Emily rambled on about how cute Cameron was and how much she was sure he was going to ask her out once he saw her in her new get up.

Alex sighed raking his hand through his hair, waiting for Emily to return with food and drinks. He had grown tired of listening to her drone on about endless guys and her doubts about them, and her thoughts on their looks. He had grown tired with her endless tantrums and tears brought out over stupid guys who didn’t pay her the attention she deserved.

HE paid her the attention she deserved, but it didn’t matter, it wasn’t good enough being as he was just the best friend...


“It’s okay Em. He’s not worth it, he’s a jack ass. You’ll be fine, come on. Me and you we’ll get through this together.” I murmured softly into her ear, holding her shaking body closer when she began to cry harder.

“ I-I thought he w-was the one y-y’know? Cameron told me he l-loved me and I c-caught him b-banging some other c-chick right t-there in his a-apartment.” She sniffled out pressing her face deeper into my chest.

“N-nobody will e-ever l-love me Alex, I’m u-unlovable.” She cried.

I held her closer trying to calm her violent cries and pressed my lips to the top of her soft hair. It was a beautiful chocolate brown, one which you could never capture into a box to put on the shelf.

“Not true babe, I love you.”

And I held her for the rest of the night...

Emily left a couple hours later promising she’d check back in with me the next day and she would be fine. Thanking me as always with a swift peck on the cheek and, a “your just like a brother Alex.”

Emily came back the next morning as promised. She walked in to my apartment talking aimlessly trying to achieve her bubbly happiness back in life. I grabbed her arm lightly and spun her around. Shocked her lips parted slightly and I took the opportunity to gently lower my face towards her. My breath was coming out hot before my lips moulded into hers, sucking on her bottom lip.

She let out a slight groan to that as her fingers raked through my brown hair.

As soon as I fell deep into the kiss was when she broke away staggering, one small hand to her agape mouth following her wide shell shocked eyes. She darted out the door.

That was the last day I ever saw Emily Crave

2 years later...

I hurried to my apartment door following rapid loud knocks echoing through the apartment. I threw open the door to face an unexpected sight.

“Emily?” I asked appalled.

She nodded a quick jerky nod taking a step forward.

“What are you doing here...?” I said warily, eyeing her nervously.

“Something I should’ve done years ago Alex.” She whispered standing up on her tip toes wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me down.

Her lips were just as I remembered them. Soft, so soft and entirely inviting.

I tightened my arms around her waist lifting her onto the front table while simultaneously tilting my head to deepen the kiss.

She tangled her tongue with mine running her hands down my chest and dangerously low causing me to let out a throaty groan. My lips travelled down her cheek to her neck where I attached my lips.

I kissed it softly twice before gently poking my tongue out and playfully biting down causing a loud gasp to escape her lips. I chuckled loudly causing her to tighten her legs around my waist and re claim my lips.

Our kisses were fast and feverish, not slow and passionate. There were huge amounts of heat and tension radiating between us, like rolling waves hitting us more forcefully each time.

By the time I broke out of my trance my shirt was unbuttoned and her hands were running freely down my bare chest. As a result I was letting out groans frequently and had somehow during the process removed Emily’s shirt.

I pushed her away by the waist softly, glancing up into her eyes guiltily.

“Shit Em... I have a girlfriend.” I whispered.

“Oh..okay, yeah totally. What was I thinking that you wouldn’t I’ll um see you around!” She said biting her lip.

I could hear my heart re cracking, all the little bits of glue I used to glue it back together after Emily stomped on it continuously in one of those ridiculously high and ridiculously sexy heels when I stared back into those bright blue eyes now dark and glazed over with unshed tears.

She turned quickly and darted out the door.

What the fuck did I just do?


I guess you could say a smart guy would move on, I was happy with Alicia, really I was. But how could Alicia ever begin to compare to Emily.

I guess if I was really smart I’d forget Emily ever showed up and never look back, but my heart was already re broken, my eyes already lost their sparkle, my mind already gone into overdrive.

Oh who was I kidding, I was fucking stupid and there was nothing anyone could do about it.


“Your what?!”

“I’m sorry Alicia, I just...something’s come up and I can’t be in a relationship I was never really in before. I’m so sorry.”

“You do what you gotta do I guess Al, see you around...”

I was lucky, damn lucky to have gotten a girl like Alicia. She was something else. I mean I just broke up with her for reasons she didn’t even know and she wasn’t there throwing a fit or anything. I guess you would say she was the girl that once you got you didn’t let go of, unless you were me. Emily was the girl I had to get and never let go of.

*Rap Rap Rap*

“Come on Em, open up” I pleaded.

The door swung open and I gulped loudly at the sight of Emily hair tied, make up smudged and in a pair of ratty old sweats, a carton of ice cream dangling in her hand.

“What Alex?” She asked me sharply.

I took a step closer to her and couldn’t help but notice her breath hitch in her throat. I smiled involuntarily.

“Wipe that smug grin off your face right now Alexander Pratt.” She told me even more sharply. The grin instantly made its way off my face.

“Look Em, I’m sorry. I screwed up I know that, but...”

“You know what Alex? No! This is not some sort of game you can play with me, string me along and than just cut me loose! Get out, get out and never come back! I don’t ever want to see you again!” Her voice had begun to crack and tears were quickly making their way down her face.

“Emily, please” I begged, taking a hold of her arm.

She tried to pull her arm back roughly as she broke down sobbing on my chest and it took everything in me not get up and walk away. I caused her this pain, she was sobbing these loud heart wrenching sobs because of me.

“I am so sorry babe, you don’t deserve this. I should have never come back. Please please don’t do this, come on shh. Don’t cry Em.” I soothed my voice rough and low.

“Don’t you dare say that!” she cried hitting my chest.

“You have to stay, you have to come back, don’t you leave me too Alex. You have to still love me after everything. You can’t, you c-c-can’t just get back up and l-leave me a-again!”

Shocked at her confession I pulled her to me tighter.

“You don’t get to walk away! You are not that guy, so you have to stay. You said you loved me, you don’t leave the person you love Alex!”

Placing my mouth close to her ear I managed to get out roughly,
“I’m not going anywhere Em. Let me in and give me a chance and I won’t ever let you go again.”

Her hands cradled my face as a smile worked its way onto her face, her eyes still glistening wet with tears.

“Are you telling me you ever really let go of me in the first place?”

She never got an answer as my mouth dropped heavily onto hers. The kiss was urgent and fast.

It was like I was conveying that I never let go, I never forget or stopped hoping to have her back, all through this one kiss. I could feel her mouth move up into a large smile and I cocked my head to one side deepening the kiss and pulling us further into the apartment.


I awoke to the sun shining down on my bare chest, slightly baffled I rolled to my right and came in contact with another body. Looking down I saw Emily’s face, her brown hair spread over the pillow, with her eyes shut and mouth slightly open.

Sighing in content, I wrapped my arms around her waist pulling her securely into me.

I wasn’t ever going to let her go again.

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