Beauty of Darkness

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there is always something that makes you wonder how such simple things have meaning, wonder, and beauty. how it moves you to just say something about it. Thats what i did, i wrote about the beauty of the night that surrounded me as i flew back to my home in the aeroplane.

Submitted: January 09, 2010

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Submitted: January 09, 2010



***I was really bored during the flight and i looked out the window next to me and these words came to me. i hope you like it. =) ***

The stars glow in the night like fire flies as if  in a feild full of daisies.

Just like in Christmas as if Santa is on his way, a red light blinks and shines the way.

Down below the clouds gather like flocks of white fluffy sheep feeding off what they have at reach.

I'm surrounded by beauty in an air craft and the darkness of the night,

as dark as charcoal before lit to life, feeds off us,

swollowing us home..

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