Deadly drink

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posion is dangerous, yet so appealing, it can send your heart into a flurry, swirling in your blood mixing with everything, killing you slowly....

Submitted: September 12, 2010

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Submitted: September 12, 2010



The crystal blue liqiud laps at the sides of the goblet as i swirl it around. My blue eyes linger on it and slowly i lift it to my lips. The rim lighlty dents them and i can feel the coldness of it. I tilt my head back and i can feel my blond lockes of hair being pulled down by gravity. The liquid is smooth and it glides down my throat. A moan escapes my mouth.....

My body feels tight and all of a sudden the room is getting bigger and bigger. My eyes wander, I see myself in the mirror. I drop the goblet and the rest of the beautiful drink pools around my black dress. My hands creeps up to my face and a scream erupts, filling my ears, my soul, my heart. it comes from me and i know now that I drank the horrifyingly deadly drink. I crumble to the floor and my dress flutters a little exposing my ankles to the fresh air that erupts from the balcony. My eyes flutter closed and all that's left is the remains of the deadly drink.

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